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Circuit board vacuum packaging case, the use of PCB vacuum packaging machine is king

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2018/06/19 17:45:54
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Thanks to the country’s recent development strategy of Internet+, China’s circuit board industry will usher in yet another golden period of development, because the implementation of this strategy will inevitably cause a huge demand for network communication devices and equipment. Printed circuit boards are one of the core components of these products.

Recently, a local circuit board company was required to purchase new equipment due to the aging of its original circuit board vacuum packaging machine equipment. This is a medium-sized factory. The amount of vacuum packaging on the circuit board is not very large. It is also to package some relatively small PCB boards. The customer agreed to come to our factory test machine the next day.

The customer tested the TB-390 economical circuit board vacuum packaging machine and the 2012A-5580 circuit board vacuum packaging machine with their own circuit board in the machine showroom of Dongguan Fengyuan Packing Products Factory. The videos attached here are all Actually taken on the day. The effect of the two machine packages, the customers are very satisfied, fully meet their current needs.

When the customer tested the machine, he took out a piece of PVC skin packaging film from the bag. From this detail, it can be seen that the customer visited other places, and other companies recommended PVC film. This is a very wrong recommendation, but there is Many circuit board factories have been misled by these non-professional manufacturers. The thickness of the film was 0.12MM. I was also very puzzled. Now I understand. The vacuum packaging film of the packaging circuit board must be more than 0.20 MM, otherwise the effect is not guaranteed.

The two colleagues of the customer consulted and thought that the current circuit board size is within the 390 x 540mm range of the TB390 vacuum packaging machine. Therefore, for the time being, first buy this small machine and wait for the follow-up to have a large PCB board. Buy a circuit board vacuum packaging machine 2012A-5580 with a packaging area of ​​550 X 800MM.

The customer immediately decided to buy TB-390 at our factory. The next day, we communicated with the customer about the quantity of circuit board vacuum packaging film to be equipped. We listed the contract to the customer and the order was confirmed.
This machine was delivered to customers on January 22, 2016.

This case value reference point:
1, the purchase of equipment must find a professional, strong manufacturers, or be misled by people, delay time and effort (I have some customers looking for me for a few months to find, with emotion: Tang Manager, it is such a package, I have found a lot of homes. I have not met my packaging requirements for a few months. However, everything is as simple, smooth and fast as you are here. I finally found the right place.
2, must choose the appropriate machine according to the manufacturer's own product size and output demand, avoid unnecessary waste.
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