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Car radiator packaging changes, vacuum body packaging is the highlight

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2018/06/19 18:15:47
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The auto radiator (auto radiartor), as the most important part of the automobile cooling system, is of importance for its overall performance and safety. Such important auto parts, other protective packaging such as carton fixed protection, styrofoam protection, bubble film packaging and other packaging methods, can no longer meet the packaging needs. The vacuum body (blister/tightening) protection package has become the most mainstream packaging method for radiators for automobile radiators at home and abroad due to its better protection, higher convenience and higher packaging efficiency.:


Before the old radiator packaging, there are the following defects:

1. The use of cushioning on corrugated paperboard and fixing on corrugated cardboard with packing tape: The protection is acceptable, but this method is time-consuming and inefficient.
2. The use of styrofoam liner packing has poor fixability and will increase many white contaminants and the product image will be greatly reduced
3. The thin aluminum sheet on the surface of the radiator is easily deformed by external force, affecting the quality and appearance.
4. The traditional protective packaging does not have a sense of value and aesthetic appearance, which will reduce the sales of the product and lead to low profits.

Car radiator traditional styrofoam protection packaging:       The effect of vacuum radiator packaging for automotive radiators:



Peak source vacuum body packaging, can fully address the above issues, the main highlights

1. Using vacuum body-sucking blister method, the vacuum radiator with a transparent radiator dedicated body-absorbing packaging film, tightly fixed tight on the corrugated cardboard, the product can not move silk, the best protection;
2. The transparent film is coated on the surface of the heat sink, the stereoscopic visual effect is excellent, and the texture of the product is unobstructed. The visual effect of the product is excellent;
3. The transparent film adheres to the thin aluminum sheet of the heat sink and protects the radiator like a skin to prevent scratching of the aluminum sheet.
4, high-end packaging full of international popular elements, enhance product value and grade, increase product profits.

Radiator surface vacuum body packaging:                           Radiator surface vacuum body



To achieve excellent heat sink vacuum body packaging effect, we must choose a high-performance vacuum body-fit packaging machine, and high-strength and high-viscosity heat sink vacuum body blister packaging film. Fengyuan Packaging has already been relying on high-quality packaging equipment and packaging films to provide comprehensive service to domestic and foreign radiator manufacturers. It has won a good reputation in the industry and is worthy of your trust.

Fengyuan brand car radiator vacuum body packaging machine, complete model, covering economic, semi-automatic, automatic, fully automatic, touch screen PLC control, etc., can meet different packaging requirements and output requirements of different radiator manufacturers.

Fengyuan brand car radiator vacuum body packaging film, the use of high-quality raw materials and exclusive property formula, can fully guarantee the packaging strength of the film, and cardboard and strong bonding.

Radiator size is relatively large, length and width of 500-1100mm, height of about 100-200mm, for the use of body-packed products, this should be the largest product size. It is conceivable that the requirements for body-top packaging machines and body-fitting packaging films will be even higher. After more than 10 years of experience, Fengyuan Packaging has a perfect solution for all kinds of radiator vacuum body packaging.。

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