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Window dressing body packaging model, peak source window flower body machine classic

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2018/06/21 11:04:00

This case uses packaging equipment and consumables:

Packaging Machine: Window Covering Machine (Granular Body Packaging Machine) Model: TB-390
Packaging film: grille body packaging film (window body membrane)
Cardboard: Ordinary printing paper card (with vents)


The window grille, as a window decorative accessory, is beautifully and uniquely decorated, and its color is beautiful and changeable. Together with glass or crystal ornaments, it can add brilliance to the windows, make the windows more agile and changeable, and give us warmth. Home, add a chic and charm.
Such a beautiful and colorful window grilles are naturally matched with advanced packaging. There is no doubt that body-fitting packaging is well deserved.
Still looking for suitable packaging methods and manufacturers for your high-end grille products? Please enjoy the following window dressing packaging case carefully crafted by Fengyuan Packaging. Perhaps you can find the answer:

Through our high-quality body-fitting packaging machines and body-fitting packaging film, your window grille products can also achieve the same body-fitting effect.
Window coverings are mostly obtained from plastic products through electroplating or painting. Therefore, there is a problem that is very troublesome for manufacturers. After the window coverings are attached to the body film, when you disassemble the body coating, due to the stickiness of the body coating, Destroy the beautiful coating on the surface of the grille, causing the product to blew. If you use peak source package body and body membrane, there will be no such problem, as evidenced by the picture:

On the body membrane that was disassembled, no plating or paint was left behind:         After the body membrane is disassembled, there is no coating or paint peeling on the surface of the product.:


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