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Fittings for bathroom hardware accessories, integrating international popular packaging elements

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2018/06/21 11:25:44

This case uses packaging equipment and consumables:

Packaging equipment: TB-390 vacuum body packaging machine (390 vacuum body machine)
Body Packaging Film Type: Sarin
Cardboard: 1MM thickness of breathable cardboard



For packaged hardware accessories, what kind of packaging do foreign merchants like most?
The answer, there will be no suspense is: body packaging(Skin Packaging)!
Today's case is the real needs of the following foreign merchants. The lines show the love of merchants for body-fitting packaging, and the helplessness of the current suppliers can not provide him with the desired packaging effect.


The domestic supplier quickly contacted the company's sales department and quickly sent the product to the factory. Here, let us share, this customer's product, how to change from the traditional carton packaging, transformed into a vacuum body packaging filled with international popular elements. (Ornate transformation process, please refer to the video of this case)

The original carton packaging method used by the customer:




The effect of the product after skin-body packaging:


In the Chinese supermarkets, the skin-wrapped products are basically Fengmao water chestnuts. However, in supermarkets in Europe, America, Japan and other countries, body-fitting packaging can be seen everywhere. All this is due to the comparison of the quality of life of the people in these countries. High, natural products need to have the most high-end packaging, and body-fitting packaging deserves the following advantages.

Advantage 1: Good visual display(Excellent visual display effect)
Advantage 2: Strong visual appeal(Best eye appeal)
Advantage 3: Promotional effect of shopping mall shelves(Better super market on-site promotion result)
Advantage 4: The product is tightly fixed on the cardboard, the best protection(Immobilzed on boards for best protection)
Advantage 5: The profits of such high-end packaging are naturally rich, businesses understand(Better profit thanks to best packing presentation)

It is estimated that the body-fit packaging template produced by Dongguan Fengyuan Packaging has been delivered to foreign customers. We believe that our customers will be very satisfied with the results we make.

Episode: Before packaging this product with Sarin, we tried to pack it with a relatively low-cost PE skin packaging film. However, the PE skin film was slightly less transparent and left white fog on the surface of the product. Appearance, as shown below:


The value of this case is inspired by:

1. Skin-fitting packaging is an internationally recognized popular packaging method. It actively provides or caters to the needs of foreign customers in this area and can win more export opportunities for Chinese manufacturers.
2. The return of natural profits from high-grade packaging is relatively lucrative, which is a good opportunity for traditional manufacturing companies to generate income;
3, body packaging film selection principles: "can use low prices on the use of low prices, but can not meet the needs of low prices, you have to choose a high price of good body-fitting packaging film (such as Sarin film, PET paste Body packaging film, etc.)".

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