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Direct thermal automatic vacuum core body packaging machine, high-end customer choice

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2018/06/21 11:33:28
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This customer is a local magnetic core material manufacturing company and needs to purchase a vacuum body packaging machine with high packaging efficiency and good packaging protection.

This customer currently uses a slotted corrugated paper tray to hold the packaged product. There are several slots in the cardboard, placing the cores one by one in the slot. This kind of packaging defect: the magnetic core can not be well fixed on the paper tray, coupled with rough handling and bumpy transportation, the core of the damaged rate will be relatively high, easily lead to downstream customer complaints.

Through the introduction of another long-term customer of this company, after this customer compares other body packaging machine manufacturers, plus the strong recommendation of our other customer, this customer chooses Dongguan peak source packing product factory without suspense finally.

Ms. Zhang and another senior manager came to our factory with their paper cards and products, and used their own products and paper cards to do the actual work on our economical TB-390 skin packaging machine. Packaging test. At first, they wanted to use their old slotted cardboard and products to lay out the layout. Because there is a distance of about 2 cm between the two slots, the actual height of the product is 2.3 CM. In this way, it was discovered during the packaging that the packaging film was not completely in place between the two slots, resulting in a relatively loose product and unable to reach the desired fixed protection product requirements.

Under such circumstances, based on years of core packaging experience, I suggested that customers discard the way the paper cassette is grooved, instead of using flat paperboard, the magnetic cores should be laid out in a clean and tidy manner on a flat paperboard to form a full version. Then we did a vacuum skin packaging test according to this way of thinking and manner. OK, this time the effect was very good. The product was tightly fixed on the corrugated cardboard. The customer immediately expressed that the packaging effect was very satisfactory and reached them. The expected effect.

After the customer went back, they immediately called and they considered the inconvenience and inefficiency of the TB-390 skinning machine. They needed a more automated 5580 skin packaging machine, but the packaging area of ​​the machine needed to be based on their Depending on the size of the cardboard (such as the following cardboard layout design).

Their cardboard size is 20 X 25 CM, and customers initially need to pack 3 cardboards at a time. This design, the machine's packaging area will be: 30 X 70CM, such a machine width is too narrow, and the length is not coordinated, a package of 3 cards is also low efficiency, so I recommend packaging 4 cards at a time, packaging area designed for: 45 X 55CM. This can not only guarantee the skin packaging effect, but also save the packaging film cost. The customer gladly accepted it and then placed an order.

According to the contract's original delivery date of January 15, 2016, given the customer's request for advance delivery, we delivered the machine to the customer's factory on the 14th to guarantee the customer's tight packaging delivery.



The valuable reference point for this case:

1, according to the product's packaging efficiency and output requirements, to select the corresponding degree of automation of the machine;
2. Different types of product discharge will bring different packaging effects. We must try different ways to display the best results.
3, according to the size of the customer's cardboard, to set aside the distance between every two paper cards, and the safety distance of the paper card from the edge of the machine vacuum chamber, design a reasonable packaging area size, can not only guarantee the packaging effect, but also can reduce Packaging film consumption;

in conclusion:

We supply manufacturers, we must timely and specific understanding of the customer's packaging effect requirements and output requirements, and then recommend the most reasonable models, so that we can create machines that can truly meet the needs of customers. Here we need to effectively communicate and interact with our customers, fully tap the customer’s needs for pain points and meet them. Our machine can really create value for customers, and our existence will have real value and significance.

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