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Body Packaging Machine Maintenance Points



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Body Packaging Machine Maintenance Points

With the improvement of people's living standards, skin-packed products can be seen everywhere on supermarket shelves and have been fully integrated into our daily lives. This also thanks to the contribution of the body-fitting packaging machine, which brings us more convenience. This machine has been widely used in Chinese factories. Today, the information source editor of Fengyuan Packaging will take you to know the know-how of the maintenance and repair of the packaging machine, so that this machine can better serve the Chinese factories.

First, after the machines are purchased, they should be installed in a clean and ventilated workshop. If the machine is transported by logistics, due to bumpy transportation, the fixing screws of the machine parts may loosen, and some parts may even be shaken off (the probability is very small), and all the screws need to be tightened once again to take off the parts. Replace it.

Second, pay attention to the voltage requirements of the machine. Do not connect the wrong voltage. And pay attention to the power of the machine, pay attention to whether the wire is thick enough, whether it can carry the current required by the machine. Otherwise, there will be safety hazards of wire burnout.

Third, pay attention to whether the motor of the machine has a positive reversal. Whether the phase sequence protection device is installed (the company's machine is installed). If this device is not installed, pay attention to the wiring of the three-phase wire to ensure that the motor rotates forward.

Fourth, because the machine has an electric heating box, it is not allowed to put any sundries on the electric heating box, otherwise there will be fire hazards.

Fifth, if you use the constant-heat body-fitting packaging machine, it is also called direct thermal or thermostatic type, so the constant temperature and heat of the electromechanical heating box will have a greater impact on the workshop environment. If there is a condition, you can add a new one on the electric heating box. The device for exhausting air is designed to reduce the impact on the operating environment and make workers work more comfortably.

Sixth, the machine's vacuum system is a very critical part. Pay attention to cleaning the vacuum chamber and keep it clean. Do not let any iron or other debris enter the vacuum system, otherwise the life of the vacuum pump will be greatly shortened.

Seventh, the drive part of the machine should be regularly added with lubricating oil.

Eighth, this machine adopts two kinds of vacuum pumps, rotary vane type oil pump and oil free vacuum pump. Refueling vacuum pump, need to check the vacuum pump oil level regularly, and add it in time. No refueling vacuum pump, if the carbon brush wears, you need to replace the carbon brush.

The body-fitting packaging machine (body-fitting machine) that works for the vast number of Chinese factories also needs our careful care, so that it can better serve the body-fitting packaging. For further information, please contact Fengyuan Packaging's senior sales consultant: Manager Tang, Tel: 13509839987, Corporate Business QQ: 2850670788.

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