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How to operate the heat-fitting body packaging machine 5580?



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How to operate the heat-fitting body packaging machine 5580?

With the increasing popularity of body-fitting packaging in industrial and consumer packaging, vacuum-body packaging machines are used more and more widely. How to operate vacuum body packaging machine (5580) correctly? This problem becomes more and more important. In this way, the machine can perform its biggest function, playing an important role in improving the packaging efficiency of our products, improving the packaging effect, and improving the packaging appearance and added value of the products. Dongguan Fengyuan Packaging has more than 10 years of experience in the manufacturing and experience of vacuum body welding machines. It explains how to interpret the correct specifications of the vacuum body packaging machine in detail:

First, vacuum protection (tightening/fitting) packaging machine (5580) installation and preparation work:
1. Power supply: (Item 1.2 is based on 380 50HZ. For non-standard voltage, please refer to circuit diagram).
(1) The machine electrical equipment uses alternating current (AC) 380V, 3-phase four-wire 50/60Hz power supply, color is zero line.
(2) All electrical equipment: Power part 2KW; Heat part 11.7KW with hot knife (single-phase)
(3) For the convenience of operation, the customer is requested to consider the power supply for the equipment used in the road, the switch for the equipment and the high-quality and sufficient capacity of the power transmission line.
(4) Reserve a grounding circuit to facilitate the connection of the grounding terminal block (there is a grounding symbol).
2. Mechanical equipment location:
(1) In the production process of this machine, in addition to the space necessary for production,
It is convenient to check the maintenance work.
(2) In addition to having good air circulation around the location of the machinery and equipment, it shall be in two parts directly behind the wall. The wall or compartment shall have a clear space of 1 metre to facilitate the dispersion of air circulation and the safety distance of the electric heating box (as shown in the diagram ), Or there is an effective thermal insulation device for heat.

Second, the machine before the operation of the preparation and troubleshooting after the correction (including power after the resumption of adjustment)
1. The new machine completes the factory commissioning work before leaving the factory. When the customer installs the site, it only needs to pay attention to the direction of operation after wiring and the grounding work of the actual ground wire and tighten all the nuts and screws.
2. Turn on the switchboard and press the N.F.B switch up in the "ON" direction and close the distribution box cover.
3. Turn the "Operation Power" switch to "ON" (rotate right) and "Auto/Manual" to "Manual".
4. The phase sequence protector is installed in the distribution box of this machine. If the power line is connected reversely, the machine will not be powered. Switch any two power cords.
5, in the dynamic transfer due to troubleshooting or power cut after power failure adjustment:
First send power (N.F.B), "operate power" switch turn "ON" and turn "hand"
"Press" the "heat box back" button or "heat box forward" button will be hot box back
Back to positioning.
6. If adjustments must be made due to other factors (failure, film change, etc.), please contact the company to send technicians to work with customers.

Third, the 5580 vacuum body packaging machine operating steps (boot)
1. Fix the film on the film frame and slowly pull out the film for use.
2. Turn on the switchboard and switch the main power supply N.F.B to "ON" and close the distribution box cover.
3. Turn on the power and electric switch to "ON".
4, and set the vacuum pumping time and film heating time (timer set to test
Or sample test set).
5. Press the "Manual" operating button and the "Pressure Frame Down" button to open the film clip.
6. Pull the film from the film frame through the upper and lower clamps to the exit, extending some length to repair
Fix and fix the film on the frame.
7, automatic continuous operation stroke: rotary knob "automatic" position.
8, press the "start" button, and cut off the extension of the film and pull it out (hot melt trimming
9. Place the packaging and substrate (paper backing, customer designed paperboard or air bubble cloth) into aluminum bottom
Board and push in positioning.
10. Press the "Run" button to perform the automatic operation stroke, and the action flow hot box forward heating →
The heating time is reached → The pressure frame drops and vacuum is started → Set time is reached → Press frame
Open → start cooling fan, vacuum protection will be completed after cooling fan stops
/ Appendices) Gently lift the finished product to the rear end and pull it out to the right.
After all through the end of the film clip, press the "Start" button to complete the partial detachment, ie
Complete the packaging process (Cycle).
11, the next process continues from the previous 9 and 10 procedures can be repeated.
12, when the (days) work is completed, turn the knob "operate the power", the "heat" button is turned off, and will
The switchboard main power supply N.F.B switches back OFF.
13, pick up the finished products and tools.

For further information on how to properly operate the vacuum skin packaging machine (5580), please contact the senior sales consultant of Fengyuan Packaging: Manager Tang, Tel: 13509839987, Corporate Business QQ: 2850670788.

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