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5580 vacuum body packaging machine operation precautions



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5580 vacuum body packaging machine operation precautions

In today's China manufacturing economy, where vacuum-fit packaging is becoming more and more popular, the 5580 automatic vacuum skin packaging machine requires attention from us. Due to its high degree of automation, convenient operation and maintenance, and low failure rate, this machine has been widely used in body-packaging automotive radiators, brake pads (hooves) and other auto parts, furniture hardware and other hardware products, saw blades, drills Other hardware tools, PCB circuit boards (circuit boards), magnetic cores and other electronic components, lighting fixtures hardware, seafood, aquatic products, cakes, sushi and other foods. The following operational precautions hope to help more factory enterprises.

5580 automatic vacuum body packaging machine operation precautions:

1. This machine adopts a special arrangement of advanced infrared heating tube to achieve the best heating and packaging effect around the circumference. Please check the correct specification of the heating tube.

2. When the hot box is heated and stays, it will be returned after the vacuum is completed. That is, when the vacuum is applied, the heating will continue to increase the vacuum protection (tightening/fitting) effect.

3. If you set the heating time for 15 seconds and continue to operate for about 30 minutes during the operation, you can reduce the heating time by 3-5 seconds. You can reduce the time required for each cycle and the production process to increase the use efficiency (only Adjust it once.)

4. Pay attention to whether or not the screws are loose at any time during normal use or maintenance work and tighten them immediately.

5. Do not place debris on the flat pan of the vacuum chamber to avoid inhaling the vacuum pumping system and thus affecting the service life of the vacuum pump.

6. The heating time is greatly influenced by the climate and environmental factors. The vacuum pumping time depends on the form of the package and the specifications. The effects of the substrate printing and sizing need to be adjusted individually. Set the cooling time to 3SEC or more.

8. Do not press the manual button at will during automatic operation to avoid confusion.

9. If the hot box is in the manual, the heating time will still be displayed. When the time is up, the warning will be kept until the manual pressure frame.

10. When the manual hot box is moved to the front in an abnormal sequence, the fan will automatically switch to cooling to prevent overheating and damage.

11. When you stop using it, manually lower the pressure frame to the working platform to extend the life of the parts.

Machine operation panel and adjustment section:

1. Operation Panel Buttons As the drawing shows, the general production process is performed automatically, and the manual part is used for troubleshooting or machine adjustment.
2, this series of vacuum protection (body) packaging machine can use a variety of materials and thickness of the film. In operation with the adjustment limit switch (Limit Switch) and delay timer for the following adjustments:
(1) Pumping ahead (2) Pumping time
(3) Delayed return time of the electrical box (4) Cooling fan, cooling time
(5) Pressure frame rise (6) Pressure frame opens
Each stroke switch is shown below.

For further understanding of the operation of the 5580 Vacuum Skin Packing Machine, please contact the senior sales consultant of Fengyuan Packaging: Manager Tang, Tel: 13509839987, Corporate Business QQ: 2850670788.

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