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5540 Body Packer Operation



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5540 Body Packer Operation

The 5540 semi-automated vacuum body packaging machine has been widely adopted by many factories because of its high packaging efficiency and high operational aspects. Today, the source editor of Fengyuan Consulting listed the weights of the 5540 semi-automatic vacuum body packaging operating procedures (process/steps) as follows, and hopes to benefit the majority of manufacturers.

First, 5540 semi-automatic body packaging machine operation panel and adjustment section
1. The buttons of the operation panel are shown in the drawing, and the general production process is operated automatically and manually, and used for troubleshooting or mechanical adjustment.


1. Description: 1Power indicator 2Electric heating indicator 3Pressure frame rise 4Open as (start)
5 Manual—Automatic Selection 6 Vacuum Time 7 Heating Time 8 Power Switch
9 Electrothermal switch 10 Pressure drop ○11 Emergency stop ○12 Manual vacuum

2. This series of vacuum tightening (adhesive) packaging machine can use various materials and thickness of the film, in operation, with the adjustment limit switch (Limit Switch) and delay timer for:
1) Pump out in advance. 2) Pumping in starts timing. 3) Pressure rise adjustment
The above limit switches and timers are as shown in the drawings.

Second, 5540 semi-automatic body packaging machine operation process and packaging steps
(1) The workflow of this machine
1, the lifting pressure frame is in the original position (lower limit).
2. Raise the box manually.
3, a good film.
4. Start up to the upper limit.
5, hot box pull limit, heating time.
6, time falling to action, while vacuuming.
7, drop to the lower limit, and vacuum timing.
8, time to.
9. Raise the frame manually and pull out the aluminum plate.
10. Cut off.
11. The second start.

(2) Packing procedure for vacuum packaging machine
1. Pull the film on the film frame to pull a certain length of film, open the press frame so that it passes out of the press frame and out of the two rollers and the pressure frame. Then turn on the power and select the button that automatically presses the start button. The box goes up.
2. Pull out the working aluminum plate and place the substrate (paperboard and bubble adhesive tape) on the working aluminum plate. Then place the packaged article on the substrate and push it into the vacuum chamber.
3, the heat box before pulling the film heating and softening.
4. After the set temperature is reached, the pressure frame will drop automatically and start to vacuum at the same time.
5. Push the hot box away.
6. After the vacuum is completed, open the pressure frame to pull out the working aluminum plate and put down the upper pressure frame.
7. Cut the film with a knife and remove the packaged items.
8, that is to complete a workflow.
9. Repeat 1-7 items for the second time.

For further details of the machine's operating procedures, please contact the senior sales consultant of Fengyuan Packaging: Manager Tang, Tel: 13509839987, Corporate Business QQ: 2850670788.

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