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TB-390 skin packaging machine operation process



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TB-390 skin packaging machine operation process

First, the general theory:

The TB-390 Skin Packing Machine (390 Vacuum Fitting Machine) has a simple operation procedure (procedure/specification) and is stable and reliable in performance. It is widely favored for its high cost-effectiveness, easy operation, and wide application range. Today, the editor of the Fengyuan Information Center will brief you on the operation flow of this machine.

Body-fitting packaging is a kind of high-end small-goods internal packaging that is full of international popular elements and has become one of the major packaging methods for exporting small commodities in China. Widely used in hardware, stationery, toys, knife cutlery, measuring tools, lighting lamps, handicrafts, souvenirs, automobile and motorcycle accessories (radiators, brake pads), small department stores, medical gadgets, medical supplies, electronic components and other products package. The superior visual display charm and superior tightening protection function are the greatest benefits of the 390 vacuum body packaging machine.

Second, TB-390 body packaging machine (390 body machine) operation process

1. Turn on the power. If the voltage is 380V, after turning on, it is necessary to check whether the vacuum pump is reversed. When the vacuum pump is inverting, the sound of the vacuum pump is large, and the hand does not feel the downward vacuum suction from the vacuum suction hole. At this time, the connection of any two lines needs to be replaced, and the vacuum pump can rotate forward.
2. Turn the frame selector switch to jog and continuous position to see if the corresponding frame motion is normal.
3, do not install the body packaging film (body film), set the vacuum and heating time, empty machine operation of the packaging machine, see heating, film frame lift, vacuum these actions are normal. (The above three steps are the places you need to use when you use this machine for the first time. If you are not using the machine for the first time, you can ignore it and go directly to the fourth step).
4. Fit the body packaging film (vacuum packaging film): When the clip frame is on the work surface of the vacuum chamber, open the upper film frame, pull the film slightly beyond the right edge of the frame as shown, and press the upper film frame Clamp the body packaging film.
5. Rising film frame: Check whether the “frame selection” switch K6 is in the “continuous” position. Press the “up” switch K7 so that the film frame can automatically rise to the fixed point of the upper limit switch control and stop automatically.
6. Place the iron tray on which the cardboard and the packaged product have been placed on the vacuum chamber deck.
7, press the "automatic packaging" switch K5, hot box start heating body packaging film, according to the pre-adjusted heating time automatically complete the film heating.
8. When the clamping frame drops to the lowest point, the vacuum pump starts to pump the vacuum chamber. As a result, the black needle of the vacuum table is not actuated. This indicates that the vacuum pump motor is in reverse operation and should be stopped immediately, and the input phase line must be replaced. Any two phases! After that, we must start work again from the fourth program.
9. Open the upper frame and pull the packaged item to the right to the additional workbench. Press the upper frame to cut the packaged item.
10, and then start from the fifth item in the operating procedure, cycle.
Note: This machine is equipped with two identical iron trays. When one is packaged on the machine, the other can only place packaging cardboard and products at the same time, which can greatly improve the packaging efficiency.