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How to reduce the overall cost of body-fitting packaging?



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How to reduce the overall cost of body-fitting packaging?

Skin packaging, as one of the mainstream packaging methods for exporting small commodities, has made great contributions to promoting the manufacture and export of small commodities in China. Since 2015, China’s export manufacturing situation has been severe. How to reduce the cost of body-fitting packaging and improve the competitiveness of products in the international market has become a major challenge for all export manufacturing companies. Now that we have just entered the Spring Festival and just entered 2016, we believe that everyone is full of expectations for the development of 2016. The editor of the Guangdong Fengyuan Packaging Information Center will help you analyze in many dimensions and how to reduce the cost of body-fitting packaging.

First, according to their own production needs, to choose the appropriate body packaging machine.

For small orders or sample orders, a simple body-fitting machine TB-390 or semi-automatic body-fitting machine PV-5540 can be used. For mass production, PV-2012A-5580, PV-5580 vacuum skin packaging machine with larger packaging area and higher degree of automation is recommended. If you want high-volume and labor-saving, it is recommended to fully automatic plate-body packaging machine PV-5580H.

Second, according to product characteristics, value and packaging effect requirements, choose the appropriate body packaging film.

According to the material, PVC, PE, Sarin, PET, PG and other body packaging films are divided. Low-value products can use PVC skin-friendly membranes, medium-value products using PE and PET skin membranes, and high-value products using highly transparent DuPont sarin. By selecting the most suitable packaging film according to the product value and characteristics, the cost of the body packaging film is minimized.

Third, consider outward packaging and packaging.

If the skin pack is used for the first time, the follow-up orders are not clear and can be processed and packaged by the external body packaging factory. After the customer's order is stable, purchase the consumables such as the machine and body-contained membrane and package it on its own. This avoids the risk of buying a close-fitting packaging device without a close-fitting packaging order.

Fourth, the selection of body-wrapped paper cards: try to use ordinary paper cards.

Remind everyone not to believe that the body-fitting, breathable cardboard with a dedicated body glue is used. Such packaging costs will be relatively high and the packaging process will be relatively complicated. It is recommended that you use a sticky body wrap film and use it with ordinary paperboard in the market. This can reduce the cost of the paperboard, simplify the packaging process, and increase the efficiency, so that the overall cost of the body wrapper is also reduced. Of course, the packaged product is not afraid of being damaged by the adhesive film.

Fifth, the last is the problem of cutting and splitting the cardboard after skin-fitting and using machine cutting to increase efficiency.

For high-volume packaging, Guangdong Fengyuan Packaging Co., Ltd. recommends using the entire paperboard body-covered packaging, and then using Fengyuan's packaging drum cutting machine (model: PRC-6015). Within 10 seconds, the cardboard will be cut. Into a separate single card body packaging products. It is recommended to use a fully automatic back plate-type vacuum body packaging machine PV-5580H with a roller-type cutting machine PRC-6015, which can save a lot of manpower, and high efficiency, higher packaging yield.

Guangdong Fengyuan Packaging has the most powerful team of skin-fitting packaging experts in the industry and can provide professional answers and guidance for customers at any time. For more questions, please contact: Tang Yuezhong Manager, Tel: 13509839987, Corporate Business QQ: 2850670788.

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