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Body-fitting machine (vacuum body machine) how to choose?



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Body-fitting machine (vacuum body machine) how to choose?

With the rapid development of China's export manufacturing economy, skin-to-body packaging has been widely adopted by Chinese export manufacturing companies. Body-fitting packaging machine (vacuum body-sealing machine) is a must-have equipment for the production of body-fitting packaging. Its performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness are the three most important for the majority of manufacturing companies to choose body-fitting packaging machines. Consider directions. Today, the peak source packaging information department Xiaobian, will use our past 20 years of body-fit packaging machine manufacturing technology and sales experience, to explain to you a detailed interpretation of the body packaging machine (vacuum body machine) procurement of practical skills, can certainly help To you!

First, according to the output requirements of the products to be packaged, choose the appropriate body packaging machine (body-fitting machine).

For small batches or prototypes, the TB390 compact body packaging machine can be used. This model features small packaging area, small footprint, 220V voltage available (convenient for laboratories, warehouses, shops, offices or homes). Medium packaging output, you can choose direct heating automatic vacuum body packaging machine 5540,4560 type. A large number of packaging production, you can choose automatic type 5580 models of constant heat, the packaging area is larger, the output is naturally high. If it is a very large output, it is recommended to use fully automatic feeding and discharging (Automatic right-in and right-out type 5580A type, or fully-automatic return type 5580H type, the output is not only high, but also can save a lot of manpower, can be described as multiple purposes.

Second, choose according to product attributes and dimensions.

For low product value, choose the low-cost TB390 body packer. If the product value is slightly higher, it is recommended to select a semi-automatic, automatic, fully automatic, or PLC touch screen vacuum body packaging machine. Small products such as hardware products, saw blades, drill bits and other tool hardware, furniture hardware products, locks, toys, decorative hardware, small plastic products, stationery, etc., can be selected small, small area of ​​the general degree of automation models, such as Type: Model: 5540, Type 4560, Type 2012A, etc. Larger product sizes, such as automotive radiators, beryllium copper alloys, lighting fixtures, circuit boards, magnetic cores, etc., can be used with higher degree of automation and larger packaging area.

Third, it depends on the main configuration of the machine.

It mainly includes three aspects: the vacuum system, the heating system, and the drive system of the membrane frame lifting. With high configuration, the performance of the machine is naturally higher. Vacuum system: What brand of vacuum pump is used? It is recommended to use imported brands or domestic famous brand vacuum pumps. Do not choose a vacuum system with a gas tank. Heating system: The instantaneous thermal or direct thermal heating tube? Instantaneous thermal power saving does not affect the operating environment temperature is an advantage, slightly slower heating speed is a disadvantage. The advantage of the direct thermal type is that the heating is more uniform and faster, and the disadvantage is that it consumes more power and has a greater impact on the operating environment. Membrane box lifting: What kind of method is used? Is it mechanical transmission? Or cylinder drive? These details must be taken into account.

Fourth, we must look at the professionalism of the body packaging machine manufacturers and the service level before and after the sale.

The high degree of professionalism can ensure that the machines you buy back have good quality and performance, and the failure rate during subsequent use is low or zero, which can save the worry of after-sales maintenance. Service levels and capabilities can help customers make the right purchase choices, reduce equipment procurement and packaging costs, improve packaging efficiency, ensure timely delivery of customer production, and increase end-user satisfaction with product packaging effectiveness and timeliness.

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