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Circuit board vacuum packaging machine selection techniques



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Circuit board vacuum packaging machine selection techniques

A variety of high-end electrical products have greatly facilitated our daily lives. Did you know that the core component common to these electrical products is: circuit boards (also known as PCBs or printed circuit boards). The circuit board vacuum packaging machine plays a very key role in the vacuum oxidation-proof packaging of such electronic components. How do we properly choose the right cost-effective circuit board vacuum packaging machine for our vast circuit board factories? Today, Fengyuan Consulting Xiaobian will give you detailed answers.

At present, the types of circuit board vacuum packaging machines on the market are mainly economical (thinning type), semi-automatic type, automatic type, and fully automatic type. In terms of heating methods, there are instantaneous heat and constant heat (thermostatic/direct heat). In terms of models, there are TB390 type, 5540 type, 5580 type, 9090 type, 7090 type, 90110 type, 5580H type (return type). So how do we go about choosing the right model based on the specific packaging requirements? Please refer to the selection guide below.

First, the first choice depends on the specific requirements for packaging production. For low-volume and medium-volume production, the economical (instantaneous) TB390 bodypack packaging machine can be selected. This machine has a packaging area of ​​390 X 540mm and can pack smaller products. Because the input and output materials of this machine need to be manually put into and out of the working iron tray, the convenience is not very good, the labor cost is too much, the efficiency is relatively low, and the packaging demand for lower production capacity can only be met. Medium and slightly larger quantities can use semi-automatic 5540 body packaging machine. This machine has a packaging area of ​​550 X 400mm. It adopts a constant temperature heating method. The heating is rapid and uniform. The working trays are used to advance and pull out the stainless steel rollers, resulting in high packaging efficiency and high yield. More than the large volume of production requirements can be used automatic type 5580 machines, operating area 550 X800mm (twice the 390 machines and 5540 machines), constant temperature heating, working aluminum plate in the roller to pull out, after body packaging automatic membrane separation (The device with an automatic hot cut film is installed on the left side of the machine film frame), equipped with a cooling fan to cool the packaged product, and the packaging efficiency is more than 3 times that of the 390 and 5540 machines. In addition, the 5580 machine uses the left side feed and the right side discharge. This kind of innovative way of entering and exiting the material makes the packaging operation continuous without any gaps. That is, after the first packaging aluminum body packaging is completed, the second working aluminum plate can be Immediately into the vacuum chamber for the second round of packaging, the packaging efficiency can be increased by more than 40% compared to traditional unilateral access machines.

Second, it depends on the size of the printed circuit board (PCB board). Smaller circuit boards can be considered with 390 and 5540 machines. Larger circuit boards can be considered with larger package sizes 5580,7090,55130 models. The 5580 is a very common type of circuit board and has become the mainstream circuit board vacuum packaging machine. 55130 this model has also received enthusiastic pursuit of circuit board manufacturers in recent years, because 1.3 meters long packaging area, basically can cover all the big small long short circuit board (PCB board), the real so-called size take-all , to enhance the packaging flexibility to the highest level.

Third, we must look for manufacturers to see the technical strength of manufacturers and follow-up after-sales service capabilities. Technical strength determines product quality. The ability of after-sales service determines the protection after the customer buys the machine. After the customer buys it, it is not safe. It is recommended to choose a professional body-fit packaging machine manufacturer rather than a generic and unspecified manufacturer. Some machine manufacturers provide dozens or even hundreds of machines, but they can't be very professional in body-facing machines. Dongguan Zhongtang Fengyuan Packing Products Factory is not the same. We have specialized in vacuum packaging of circuit boards for more than 10 years. We have already done it very well professionally and systematically, so we can provide customers with efficient circuit boards. Vacuum packaging solutions can really solve the various vacuum packaging problems encountered by customers. In addition to providing circuit board vacuum packaging machines, we also provide a variety of high-quality body-fit packaging films, sarin film, PCB circuit board vacuum packaging film, and body-fitting packaging materials such as body-packed breathable cardboard, body-fitting Glue, Sarin glue, etc. We provide professional and systematic products and services in the form of body-fitting packaging. Therefore, if customers buy our body-fitting packaging machines, they will buy a lot of protection. For further information, please contact Fringe Packaging's senior skin packaging sales consultant: Manager Tang, Tel: 13509839987, QQ: 2850670788.

If you need further understanding of the circuit board vacuum packaging machine selection guide (how to choose the right cost-effective circuit board vacuum packaging machine), please contact Fengyuan Packaging senior sales consultant: Manager Tang, Tel: 13509839987, Business QQ: 2850670788.

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