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Circuit board vacuum packaging film selection tips help you save money



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Circuit board vacuum packaging film selection tips help you save money

At present, the development of the world economy, the advancement of science and technology, and the substantial increase in people's quality of life cannot be separated from the use of electrical appliances. PCB boards (circuit boards/circuit boards) are the core components of these appliances. To ensure that these PCB boards have good quality and longevity, vacuum packaging is essential. The majority of PCB manufacturers to change how to choose low cost and high quality PCB board vacuum packaging film? Please listen to Fengyuan Packaging Information Xiaobian for your detailed analysis.

First, it depends on how transparent the film is.

The highly transparent vacuum packaging film is tightly attached to the surface of the PCB board (circuit board) after it is packaged through a thermoforming plastic body packaging of a circuit board vacuum packaging machine, and tightly fits with the bubble film under the PCB board at the same time. . The highly transparent vacuum film will make the PCB board's lines clearly visible, allowing the user to see the board's appearance and quality without unpacking. High transparent film packaging can also greatly enhance the product's visual display effect and sales grade. This shows the importance of the transparency of vacuum packaging films.

Second, we must look at the vacuum barrier effect of the membrane.

High-barrier PCB packaging vacuum packaging film can effectively prevent PCB board oxidation and greatly extend the service life of the product. Some of the commercially available membranes are made from recycled materials (recycled materials), and the barrier function against oxidation will be greatly reduced. Manufacturers are advised not to use this low quality vacuum membrane for cheap, otherwise it will affect the quality and life of the product, not worth the candle.

Third, we must look at the vacuum attachment effect of the membrane.

Some manufacturers of vacuum packaging film, in the body after heating the packaging, the film will produce wrinkles in the surface of the PCB board, so that the appearance of the product packaging greatly reduced. In severe cases, the end customer will be directly returned.

Fourth, we must pay attention to the need for anti-static electricity.

Anti-static is to better protect the quality of the PCB board. Some customers have this requirement. Anti-static vacuum packaging film generally has dark red, pink, and transparent colors.

As long as the procurement personnel of PCB manufacturers can grasp the above three aspects, they can buy the satisfactory PCB board vacuum packaging film. For further information, please contact the senior sales consultant of Fengyuan Packaging: Manager Tang, Tel: 13509839987, Corporate Business QQ: 2850670788.

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