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Body packaging film (body film) selection



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Body packaging film (body film) selection

Hello, everyone, the topic that we share today is the selection of the skin packaging film (body membrane). The skin packaging film has been widely used due to the development of China's export manufacturing industry and the popularity of body-fitting packaging machines. Body-fitting packaging is a popular high-end inner packaging method. Although body-fitting packaging costs will be slightly higher than other packaging methods, foreign merchants are often more interested in body-fitting packaging, and we can see the clues. There are not many kinds of body-fit packaging films (fitted body films) on the market. How can we choose the appropriate body-fitting packaging film to ensure the ideal body-fitting packaging effect at a lower cost? Today, the editor of the Fengyuan Information Center will use nearly 20 years of personal packaging experience to tell you the principles and techniques.

First of all, we must understand the type of skin packaging film and its advantages and disadvantages.

From the material point of view, there are mainly PVC, PE, PET, EVA, Salin (Shamlin) body membrane and so on. Specifically, there are adhesive and non-tacky skin packaging film types.

PVC is a semi-rigid body film, which has the advantages of high transparency, low cost, and the ability to package larger products with a thinner film. The disadvantage is that it is not environmentally friendly, and it is relatively easy in a low-temperature environment (below 4 degrees, especially in the north). Brittleness may cause bag breakage and product spillage. Therefore, general packaging screws, standard parts, hardware accessories, etc., try not to use PVC body packaging film (unless low price is the first consideration).

Non-adhesive (without glue) PE skin packaging film can be used for vacuum skin packaging (vacuum protective packaging) of PCB circuit boards (circuit boards).

The sticky (adhesive) environmental protection PE body packaging film has a wide range of uses, because it is moderately priced, food grade, non-toxic and transparent, and the vacuum plastic body forming effect is very good. Embrittlement), anti-aging ability, can play a long-lasting vacuum tight protection package effect. Therefore, it is widely used for packaging lighting accessories, auto and motorcycle accessories (radiators, brake pads, bearings, etc.), ferrite cores, locks, handicrafts, hardware accessories, drills, saw blades and other hardware tools, stationery, and toys. , mold hardware, medical supplies and other products.

PET body film, high transparency, deep drawing thermoforming performance is very high, enjoy the reputation of "absorbable body packaging film", mainly used for packaging large, heavy, irregular shape products. Sarin film has high transparency and high tensile properties, but its relatively high price makes it suitable for packaging higher value products.

Sarin Film (DuPont Sarin Body Packing Film) has a very high transparency, comparable to crystal, and is the first choice for packaging high-end products and difficult products. In the absence of other skin pack packaging requirements, Sarin can meet your packaging requirements. Without adhesive sarin film, it is necessary to use special air-permeable cardboard with glue (the cost will be relatively high). Adhesive sarin film is recommended and can be packed in plain paperboard to reduce costs and process complexity. This is one of the most important skin-fitting packaging films (body-fit membranes).

Second, we must choose according to the actual packaging needs of the product.

The first type of demand: just to protect the product, appearance and sales are not so important, or is used to package semi-finished products, in order to protect the finished product into the next manufacturing process. Such products include circuit boards, radiators for automobile radiators, ferrite cores, screw tool kits (repair kits), beryllium copper (stainless steel) coils, and mold accessories. This allows the selection of lower cost films such as PVC body wraps and PE body wrap films.

The second type of demand: it is better to ask for a good appearance, and the visual effect is better, such as high-value hardware products, decorations, toys, stationery, arts and crafts, saw blades, drills and other tool hardware, and so on. You can choose PE membrane, or better transparency of the Sarin film (DuPont sand coating), PET body packaging film. Of course, the price of such films will be slightly higher.

From the above ideas, and according to the characteristics of their own products and the actual packaging requirements, choose the appropriate body packaging film (fitting body membrane), you can reduce the cost of packaging materials, while ensuring the body packaging effect.

If you need to know more about how to choose the appropriate body packaging film (body film) selection, please contact Fengyuan packaging senior body packaging sales consultant: Manager Tang, Tel: 13509839987, corporate business QQ: 2850670788.

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