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The idea and method to reduce the cost of body-fitting packaging



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The idea and method to reduce the cost of body-fitting packaging

When China's export manufacturing industry began in 2015, it began to feel the pressure from all parties. Material costs increase, labor costs are high, and profit margins are getting smaller and smaller. Companies that use fit packaging will undoubtedly feel the pressure. Today, the Xiaobian Information Center Xiaobian, together with everyone to explore ideas and methods to reduce the cost of body-fitting packaging.

First, start with the selection of the body-fit packaging machine type and link the equipment production capacity with the product packaging output requirements.

This should be based on the actual situation of the factory itself. If the order volume is not large, it is recommended to use a simple and economical model such as PV-390, or semi-automatic PV-5540. If it is a large-volume production requirement, it is recommended to use a PV-5580 vacuum body-sealing machine with a larger packaging area, with a higher degree of automation, higher efficiency, and higher production capacity. If the output is also large and you want to use the least amount of labor, then it is recommended to use a fully automatic refillable body packer PV-5580H. Workers only need to easily discharge products, the machine will automatically feed, automatically fit the packaging, and automatically send the finished product to the workers.

Second, the rational selection of body packaging film (body film) is linked to the requirements of product packaging.

According to the material, PVC, PE, Sarin, PET, PG and other body packaging films are divided. Low-value products can use PVC skin-friendly membranes, medium-value products using PE and PET skin membranes, and high-value products using highly transparent DuPont sarin. By selecting the most suitable packaging film according to the product value and characteristics, the cost of the body packaging film is minimized.

Third, the body packaging outward processing

If it is the first use of body-fitting packaging, subsequent orders are not very clear, this situation can be entrusted to the body packaging factory for packaging processing. After the customer's order is stable, he/she will purchase the machine and materials by himself and fit himself with the packaging. This minimizes the risk of having no orders after purchasing machinery and equipment.

Fourth, using ordinary cardboard, abandon professional body packaging ventilation cardboard

With the body-fitted packaging board with a dedicated body glue, the cost of such packaging will be relatively high. It is advisable to use a plastic body-fitted packaging film, which is made of cardboard, which is generally available on the market. As a result, the cost of the paperboard is greatly reduced and the cost of the entire body-fitting packaging is also reduced.

Fifth, paper card cutting automation, liberating cutting manpower

Finally, there is the issue of trimming (trimming) cardboard after packaging. It is recommended to use the entire cardboard body-covered film packaging, and then use the company's roller cutting machine (model: PRC-6015), will be cut into independent finished single-card body packaging in a few seconds. Fully automatic return-to-disk body-fitting packaging machine PV-5580H with roller cutting machine PRC-6015, will be the perfect body packaging equipment combination, only 2 workers can complete the packaging operation, the efficiency is raised to the highest, the manpower is lowered To the lowest.

If you need to know more about the ideas and methods for reducing the cost of body-fitting packaging, please contact our manager Tang: 13509839987, Corporate QQ: 2850670788.

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