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Body Packing Shedding 6 Major Causes and Solutions



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Body Packing Shedding 6 Major Causes and Solutions

Inadvertently, after the products are attached to the body, the body-wrapped packaging film and the cardboard are separated (in a popular way, the body-packed packaging is detached). This is a quality problem that is the biggest headache for the body-packed packaging. Where are the reasons for this problem? How to prevent such problems from happening? After this kind of problem, what is a good way to save and use the existing cardboard?

There are mainly the following reasons for the poor adhesion of the body wrap film and the cardboard (applying the body packaging):

One reason: There is no glue on the body packaging film and the body wrapper card.
The solution: use paper glue, or film with glue.

Cause two: The body membrane is glued, or the paper is glued, but the adhesiveness between the film and the paper card is not firm, and the glue on the membrane or paper card is not enough.
Solution: Increase the amount of glue to ensure sufficient viscosity.

Reason 3: Cardboard is not sufficiently ventilated or the cardboard does not have air holes.
Solution: Apply a special breathable paper card or a paper card to make air holes.

Cause four: The surface of the paper card is coated with the wrong glue or oil.
Solution: The use of the company's strong sticky PP body packaging film can effectively solve this problem, you can use the unqualified cardboard to reduce the risk of completely discarding the entire batch of unqualified cardboard and loss.

Reason 5: The adhesive packaging film with stickiness is generally sticky on the inner layer of the film, and the adhesive-free side is used.
Solution: Use a plastic side to pack.

Reason 6: The full-body body-packed packaging has good stickiness in some places, and some places have poor adhesion of cardboard and film, which is caused by uneven heating of the body-packed packaging machine.
Solution: Check whether the heat pipe arrangement of the body-fitting machine is reasonable, whether the heat pipe is damaged, and correct it.

Friend who encounters the problem of skin-fitting packaging shedding, please enter the seat according to the above possible reasons, and according to the suggestions to improve, the problem can be solved.