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Vacuum skin packaging three major application areas



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Vacuum skin packaging three major application areas

Skin-fitting packaging, also known as vacuum-packed or tight-packed packaging, heats the transparent film and covers it on the product (packaged material), and then uses vacuum suction to shape the film and adhere it to the packaging substrate. Such as cardboard or film / film, etc.). It also means that the product sandwich is tightly attached between the film and the substrate to achieve the best transparent display packaging. According to its use, it is mainly divided into the following three types of body packaging:

(1) Display Elevator Body Packaging (commercial use):

Substrate: No printed or printed coated paperboard, corrugated cardboard or pierced ventilation film/sheet.
Uses: All kinds of stationery, hardware, auto parts, housewares, toys, decorations, gifts and other packaging can be used.
Packing method: The above products will be adhered to the paper card of any design with transparent and glamorous film vacuum beam, in addition to increasing product value and protection, but also promote self-promotion.
Purpose of packaging: Mainly used for commercial visual display of packaged products and sales of shelves in shopping malls.

(2) Vacuum tight protective packaging (industrial use):

Substrate: corrugated cardboard, shipping carton, foam EPE film, bubble cloth, etc.
Uses: Suitable for a variety of printed circuit boards, ferrite cores, automotive radiator radiators, coils, transformers, small motors, lamps, crystal and glass arts, magnetic, electrical and electronic products, tools and parts repair kits.
Packing method: The film is vacuum-formed and the product is tightly fixed on the substrate to be the best shockproof protection package.
Purpose of packaging: The main purpose of industrial shock protection packaging (non-commercial visual display), mainly to facilitate the transportation of parts and components and storage protection, to facilitate the next production process.


(3) Full vacuum body packaging (commercial/food):

Substrate: EPE foam sheet, PVC, PET, etc. plastic sheet or tray.
Uses: West Point cakes, moon cakes, sushi, fast food, vegetables, frozen foods, cold meat, aquatic products (frozen fish, shrimp) and so on.
Packing method: Use food vacuum packaging film according to the product shape vacuum plastic packaging on the substrate (plastic film or tray, foam gasket), in order to achieve vacuum oxidation, preservation, and extend the shelf life. This needs to be achieved with a special food vacuum packaging machine (non-normal hardware body packaging machine).
Packaging purpose: very good commercial visual display effect, very good food vacuum packaging preservation effect. Such packaging has been widely used in developed countries to package foods and enter supermarkets for display and sales. However, domestic companies still use this method to package foods and export them to developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Basically, there is no such high-end packaging method in supermarkets in China. Therefore, the potential of the Chinese market in this area is very large. We are waiting for our food factory in China to vigorously develop this market. The market prospects for body-fit packaging are very broad.



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