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What are the advantages of body-fitting packaging?



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What are the advantages of body-fitting packaging?

Skin packaging, also known as vacuum skin packaging, is a vacuum skin packaging machine that heats a highly transparent body film to soften the thermoformable state, and then covers the entire transparent film in the packaged product. On the surface of the bottom plate (cardboard, bubble film, corrugated cardboard, plastic tray, etc.), the vacuum pumping machine is used to start the vacuum pumping under the bottom plate, so that the transparent film is completely molded in accordance with the shape of the packaged product and pasted on On the floor. In this way, the product is tightly fastened and wrapped between the upper transparent packaging film and the bottom plate.

The body-fitting packaging is a popular visual display package for goods on the international market. Because of its remarkable features, it is widely sought after and favored by manufacturers.
1. The packing efficiency is greatly improved: The single or combined products can be packaged at one time, and the product itself is regarded as a molding die, so no additional molding die is required, and the disposable body sealing is once sealed and sealed, which is convenient, fast, and efficient.
2, to enhance the value of the packaged product appearance and grade: vacuum body packaging due to the transparent body adhesive film heating and softening as the skin is tightly attached to the product surface, three-dimensional sense of strong, transparent and beautiful, easy to touch inspection, and clean and beautiful .
3, vacuum shock protection effect is good: product body packaging is tightly fixed on the bottom plate, can effectively shock, anti-friction, anti-scratch; another vacuum sealed packaging, can effectively prevent moisture, moisture, oxidation, dust, Protect product quality and extend product life.
4. Low cost of packaging materials: The use of ordinary vacuum skin packaging film, bubble cloth, cardboard, etc., the material is cheap and easy to obtain.
5. Significant savings in storage and transportation costs: Compared with traditional styrofoam, air bubble cloth, and plastic cover, shock-proof packaging methods save packaging volume and reduce storage and transportation costs.
6. Environmental packaging: The packaging materials used meet the SGS, ROHS, and FDA environmental regulations and will not cause environmental pollution problems.
7. Strengthen competitive advantages in the market and enhance brand influence: After the products are packaged in vacuum-fitted body, the product's appearance display effect and shockproof protection are greatly improved compared with traditional packaging, which can increase the competitive advantage of the product in the market, thereby obtaining more More sales opportunities will ultimately create real value for manufacturers and enhance the brand's influence.

We sincerely hope that our vacuum skin packaging series products can add icing on your product packaging. For further information, please contact the senior skin packaging sales consultant of Fengyuan Packaging: Manager Tang, Tel: 13509839987, QQ: 2850670788.

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