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How to improve the body packaging effect?



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How to improve the body packaging effect?

Currently, in the field of small commodity packaging, skin packaging is a relatively difficult packaging method. With the development of manufacturing economy, it has gradually been popularized. The high packaging efficiency, aesthetic visual display, and low packaging cost are the three criteria for measuring skin packaging. So what exactly should we do? What needs to be considered? Can we help our vast manufacturing companies achieve the best fit packaging effect? Today, Feng Xiao body packaging consulting Xiao Bian, from the packaging material selection, packaging product properties, packaging effect expectations, packaging cost considerations, etc., to briefly do multi-dimensional analysis.

First, according to the characteristics of the product to choose the right affordable body packaging film (body film)

The so-called best body packaging effect does not mean that high-transparency and high-price body-fitting packaging films are necessary, such as the use of sarin film (surlyn film). Low-value hardware products, circuit boards, magnetic cores and other electronic accessories, low-grade automobile and motorcycle accessories and other products, you can choose relatively inexpensive PVC body membrane, PE body membrane and other materials. If the value of the packaged product is relatively high, a highly transparent Sarin film or PET skin packaging film can be used. In a word: suitable is the best. Remember not to waste the necessary material.

The second is the selection of cardboard

Many dealers selling body-fitting packaging machines (vacuum fitting machines) have little knowledge of body-fitting packaging and often mislead customers into adopting the more expensive so-called body-fitting air-permeable cardboard (paper cards). In fact, at present, body-fitting packaging films can be made to be self-adhesive. Therefore, ordinary cardboard can be used. This simplifies the packaging process and reduces the cost of paperboard. The effect of body-fitting packaging will not be compromised. Not fun for it?

Third, we must look at the difficulty of product packaging.

Some products are irregular in shape, with ordinary PVC body packaging film, PE body film will be more easily broken, the film around the product can not be a good suction in place, then consider the use of Sarin body packaging film. Some products are sensitive to the glue on the body-fit membrane, such as the surfboard anti-slip pad and plastic products, which can cause the glue to remain on the surface of the product, or stick to the product. The adhesive film with glue must be used with glue. Breathable cardboard. Some product surface treatment is black, but the body package product is not so dark after the color (often called white phenomenon). The concrete problem is solved specifically, then the effect of body-fitting packaging is guaranteed.

Fourth, choosing a high-performance skin packaging machine is key

A good skin packaging machine with good performance can directly relate to the actual effect of the skin packaging. If the body heating is not uniform, it will lead to poor skin packaging, packaging materials, increased loss, inefficiency, which is the enemy of skin packaging. If you want to ensure good body packaging and less waste, then quickly buy a good body packaging machine to go home.

If the small-goods manufacturing factory actually implements the details of the above aspects, the good effect of skin-to-body packaging is a matter of course, and it is a comprehensive and optimal effect. how about it? Is it moving? Then act quickly!

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