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The Three Development Trends of China's Skin Packaging Machine in 2016



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The Three Development Trends of China's Skin Packaging Machine in 2016

The economic reform and opening up in China for decades has directly promoted the dramatic increase in the industrialization and automation of the Chinese economy. As a kind of general packaging equipment for exporting small commodities, the body-fitting packaging machine can not make a slight glimpse of the prosperity of China’s export economy. With more than 20 years of development, the three development trends of the 2016 Fitted Packaging Machine in China are as follows:

First, the machine develops from simple type to fully automatic type. China's most advanced model is automatic feeding, automatic discharge, and the power modes adopted are manipulator push-pull type and electric roller driven type.

Second, change from low production capacity to high speed and high production capacity. Thanks to the significant increase in the degree of automation, the production capacity of skin-fit packaging machines has been greatly improved. In particular, a fully-automatic body-fitting machine and a body-friendly cardboard cutting machine (PRC-6015) have effectively solved the problem of cutting cardboard after skin-body packaging, and greatly improved the packaging efficiency. The models of automatic body-fitting packaging machines include PV-5580, PV-5580H, and PV-80110A.

Third, from a single model to a variety of models to upgrade. The only economically simple TB390 model, the semi-automatic 5540 model, and so on, are now high-speed fully automatic models. Fully automatic models also developed several typical types: A) automatic left feed, automatic right feed; B) automatic right feed, right feed; C) full-automatic return tray feed. Control methods are: A) traditional electrical control methods; B) PLC touch screen type.

Although China's fitness packaging machine has achieved good results after 20 years of development, the gap is still relatively large compared to the fully automatic equipment for body and cut integration in Europe and the United States. It is hoped that China's fitness packaging machinery industry will be able to independently innovate and develop equipment that rivals European and American products to fill gaps in the domestic market and contribute to the development of China's export manufacturing economy.

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