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New business outlook for the future

  At the end of the last century, China’s merchandise circulation began with e-commerce, leveraging the Internet and taking advantage of its latecomer advantage. In less than 20 years, it quickly established an Internet trading platform, payment and credit platform that rivaled the world’s advanced level. Infrastructures such as cloud computing have easily surpassed physical retail development in terms of speed and scope of development. Consumer Products Product Categories With the continuous increase in the digitization of Chinese consumers, some categories have reached 50%Above online permeability. Since 2014, the development of spurt-based Internet retailing has quickly inspired the rapid development of the last-mile logistics, featuring data management.“Smart Logistics”将Expanding the scope of distribution to overseas and rural low-tier cities has greatly expanded the boundaries of China's commodity circulation. Body packaging will no doubt greatly benefit。
   2016year“double11”,The biggest attraction is the innovation of the retail business model in China. In the ignorance, the retail industry that has been slowly replaced seems to have ushered in the change of business status in this round of technological innovation.——Virtual reality is integrated with digital, and consumer-centric operational logic really has the potential to be realized. China's commodity circulation leverages the Internet to leapfrog“specialty of China”,New retail came into being. Future business starts here, it will be the next phase of development的“New normal”。
The following is a 50 PPT depth observation of future commercial new normal