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220V390 Body Packing Machine - The Gospel of Warehouse Stores



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220V390 Body Packing Machine - The Gospel of Warehouse Stores

In addition to manufacturing plants, warehouses, offices, homes, shops, and other places, there is no small demand for 220V390 skin packaging machines. There is no 380V voltage in such a place, only civilian voltage of 220V. The small 390 skin packaging machine (vacuum body machine) with 220V voltage that Dongguan Fengyuan packs and withdraws just meets this market segment demand.

220V voltage of 390 skin packaging machine, a small footprint, compact models, weighs only 130KG, upstairs is also a very easy thing. 6KW electric power consumption, for civil points, this is allowed, within the scope of safe power. This 220V 390 skin packaging machine from Dongguan Fengyuan Packaging is a model product of the personal fitness machine and is trustworthy.

The operation of this model is simple and its performance is very stable. It is a basic maintenance-free body packaging machine. Connect the power supply and open the operation manual to learn how to operate and maintain it easily.

The glass heat lamp tube is used, and the heat pipe replacement is simple and fast.

Even heating, excellent body packaging effect.

Silent vacuum pump, super quiet at work, will not affect the special environment that needs quiet, such as home and office.

Random delivery of two work trays allows for rotation of packaging operations, which can increase packaging efficiency.

Discharge racks and discharge racks at both ends of the machine can be removed from the vacuum chamber when not in use, which can effectively save storage space.

For more information on the 220V390 skin packaging machine, please contact Fengyuan Packaging's senior sales consultant: Manager Tang, Tel: 13509839987, Corporate Business QQ: 2850670788.

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