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High-speed Fully Auto Circular Flow Skin Packaging Machine 5580H

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working area: 550 X 800MM
Most suitable for large volume production of printed circuit boards, ferrite cores, lighting products, small hardware products, etc.
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The labor costs are constantly rising, and today's younger workers are becoming more and more expensive. Profit margins are constantly being oppressed..

How should the majority of manufacturing companies respond?




Uplifting the automation level of manufacturing (packaging) equipment will be an effective solution.



Advantage 1: Using the return tray type feeding and discharging method (circular flow), the left side feeds automatically, the right side automatically discharges, and 5-6 working aluminum trays can be used at the same time, so as to greatly increase packaging efficiency
Advantage 2: Incoming and outgoing materials are pushed by robots , making the material flow smoothly and smoothly.
Advantage 3: The upper film frame automatically open for discharge, and then cut off the film automatically. It is highly efficient.
Advantage 4: Using instant heating system to save energy, and it will not affect the operating environment temperature;
Advantage 5: Fixed heater box adopts specially-arranged heating tubes to deliver the heating evenly and fastly;
Advantage 6: Equipped with insulated guide box, hot box safety net, heat cut knife guard net, etc., for  high security.
Advantage 7: Specially-activated film press frame devices are safe and reliable.
Advantage 8: Film holder set adjustable devices to avoid film slack.
Advantage 9: No need air supply.  Strong Vacuum with TURBO vacuum pump. High Stability, Suitable for long run use.


5580H Full-Automatic  High-Speed Circuilar Flow Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine FLAT LAYOUT:


First, turn on the power
Second, set the heating and vacuum time, do not run empty film machine preheat 2-3 times
Third, the manual / automatic selection button to rotate to the manual position, the upper film frame is opened, installed in the film between the upper and lower film frames and clamped
Fourth, the manual / automatic selection button to "automatic" position
Fifth, press the start button, the film frame will hold the body packaging film automatically rise to the waiting position to wait for heating
6. Put the working aluminum plates with paper cards and products on the front of the feed conveyor (4) and send them automatically.
7. When the aluminum plate to be worked arrives at zone (2), the feed pusher will automatically push the aluminum plate to the vacuum packaging zone(1)
8. After the working aluminum plate is positioned in the vacuum packaging area, the hot box will automatically start heating (while the pulling machine (3) has advanced to the right side of the vacuum chamber for standby)
Nine, the heating time is up, the hot box heating tube will automatically turn off the heating, while the pressure frame (film) drops to make vacuum body packaging
Ten, after the body-packaging, the upper pressure frame is automatically opened, the discharge puller pulls the aluminum plate forward, the upper pressure frame closes and the melt cuts the film, and the pressure frame closes and clamps the film and rises to the apex.
11. After the aluminum plate is pulled out, the aluminum plate is automatically conveyed by the discharging conveyor (3) to the placing area (5)
12. The worker will remove the finished product, place the substrate and product on the aluminum plate and push it to zone (4) for another packaging (repeat six to twelve steps)

Typical Package Case: (More Cases please enter the Application Case Center)

PCB, Ferrite Cores Saw Blade, Saw Blade, Mining Plate
Brake shoes, gears and other auto parts / Brake Shoe, Auto Top Tools Hardware Drill, Hand Tool Small Hardware


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