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80100A Fully Automatic Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

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working area: 800 X 1000 MM
Suitable skin packaging of large sized products such as auto radiator, printed circuit boards, long sized hardware products, etc.
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Automatic feeding and discharging, strong power roller drive, right-in and right-out--

Fully Automatic Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine Model PV-80100


Fully-Automatic Auto Radiator Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

Model PV-80100A


Main Specifications/Main Specifications:

Operational Area: L1000*W800*H180m/m;
Applicable film width:880mm
Film frame height: up to 23CM
Electric heat: 18KW;
Vacuum pump: 6HP TURBO type powerful vacuum pump, strong vacuum, no noise;
Speed: 3-4 times/minute
Electricity: 380V 3PH 50/60HZ;
Machine size: L255*W173*H164CM (Right to right)

Key Features/Core Advantages:

1. Infeed and Outfeed Modes: Right-in and right-out, fully automatic feeding and discharging, labor-saving and efficient
2. Stainless steel reinforced electric rollers are adopted for the feeding and discharging. The material is fed into and out of the vacuum palten automatically. The material entering and exiting is quiet, smooth and  easy.
3. Special far-infrared heating tube arrangement, uniform heating; mobile electric heating box, automatic movement to and fro; constant temperature heating method for rapid heating, remarkably improving the packaging efficiency.
4. Heater box and heat cut knife equipped with protective cover for high safety
5. Mainly imported machine parts from Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea, with stable and reliable performance
6. Adopt Turbo type powerful vacuum pump, strong vacuum, quiet, suitable for long time production.
7. Can be used with assembly line to increase efficiency, suitable for medium volume and mass production.
8. Other special sizes can be customized as required.


Machine Floor Plan/Machine Layout:


In addition to the production of skin packaging machines, we also manufactur the skin packaging films for the automotive radiators. It has high transparency, high stretchability, and good skin packing effects. Various specifications available. Fast delivery. Meet ROHS, SGS, FDA related environmental protection regulations.

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