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PV-9090 Instant Heating Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

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working area : 900 X 900 MM
Ideal for vacuum skin Packaging of PCBs, auto radiator, ferrite cores, lighting product, hardware products, beryllium copper alloy coils,etc.
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PV-9090 Instant Heating Automatic Skin Packing Machine (Skin Pack Machine) is the high-quality machine we have launched for more than ten years, with luxury appearance, high quality electrical accessories, excellent manufacturing process, ensuring outstanding performance and stability. Left-in-right-out, high-efficiency optimization design. Has CE EU safety certification. If you need high output, high efficiency and high stability, this machine will be your best choice.


9090 Instant Heating Automatic Skin Packing Machine Core Features:

1. Feeding and discharging mode: Left-in-right-out, 30-40% more efficient than normal right-in-right-out mode.
2, Using heater box fixed, instant heating method, fast heating, to deliver high packaging efficiency.
3. The special arrangement method of the instant heating type glass heating tube deliver even heating so asto ensure good effect of skin packaging.
4, Heat box and heat cut knife equipped with protective cover, for high safety
5. Stainless steel reinforced roller is adopted for the feeding and discharging. It makes the working aluminum plate to move in and out of the vacuum platen quietly, smoothly and easily.
7, Especially suitable for medium-sized and large-scale production, and it can be combined with assembly line, to improve packaging efficiency.
9, Using a powerful oil-free vacuum pump, strong vacuum, quiet, suitable for long-term production.
10. The main accessories parts and components imported from Taiwan, Japan and Korea. The machine performance is stable and durable.
11. Other standard specifications include: 600 X 800, 700 X 1000, 900 X 1100mm, etc.
12, other special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.


9090 Instant Heating Automatic Skin Packing Machine Selection Guide:

1. The output of the packaging requirement is medium or large.
2, Mainly used in the factory.
3, The machine uses an instant heating method, no affecting on the room temperature of the work shop environment.
3. The requirement for output and automation is high, and it is hoped that the efficiency of packaging will be effectively improved. It is hoped that more products will be packaged with fewer people.
4. There is a relatively high requirement for the effect and packaging speed of skin packaging.
5. It is mainly applicable to large-sized products such as packaging circuit boards, automotive radiators, lighting, and beryllium copper alloy coils, and the production requirements are relatively high. It is recommended to use the machines of this model series.


Extensive Applications (For more examples, please click on Application Case Center)

Hardware Products (Furniture Hardware, Decoration Hardware, etc.), Tools (Drills, Saw Blades, etc.), Automobile/Motorcycle Accessories (eg Brake Pads, Gears), Sports Equipment/Furniture Accessories, Stationery, Toys, pneumatic/hydraulic accessories, handicrafts, ceramics/glass products, etc.


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