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Product name

Food Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine (Food Vacuum Skin Pack Machine) PF-7520

Affiliate classification
working area: 505 X 705 X 60MM
Ideal for vacuum skin packing food such as frozen seafood ( fish, shrimps), frozen pork, beef, mutton ,chicken, etc, for longer shelf life and best visual dispay result.
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Product description
Video demonstration

Food Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine (VSP Skin Packaging Machine) PF-7520:


 Classic Vacuum Skin Packaging Cases:



Shrimp vacuum skin packaging Shrimp vacuum skin packaging Shrimp rings skin packaging
Fish vacuum skin packaging   Smoked fish skin packaging  Smoked fish skin packaging
Frozen meat skin packaging Foie gras skin packaging Chicken skin packaging


The process of food vacuum packaging:

The food vacuum packaging is through a vacuum packaging machine and under vacuum conditions, foods such as chilled seafood products are vacuum-sealed between the upper transparent vacuum skin packaging film and the lower plastic tray. This package can maintain the product color, taste, flavor and tenderness, with a visual three-dimensional display  which most welcomed in Europe and the United States and developed countries.  It is popular style for food consumer packaging, deeply loved by consumers all over the world.


5 Core Features:

Feature 1:The highly transparent food vacuum packaging film is completely attached to the bottom plastic tray according to the product shape. The appearance of the product is completely clear and visible. , Stereoscopic visual display excellent results, can stimulate consumer appetite and desire to purchase.
Feature 2:Sealed in a fully sealed vacuum package to preserve the natural color, juice, freshness and aroma of the product.
Feature 3:Prevents ice crystals and burns while cold storage, preventing products from cracking due to freezing.
Feature 4:Use a high barrier vacuum body wrap to block oxygen and inhibit aerobic bacterial reproduction at low temperatures Keep food fresh for longer, and maintain the best natural state of food.
Features 5:Using plastic trays for multi-product packaging, consumers can turn on packages that require food, and then The edible portion of the food, together with the packaging, is put back into the refrigerator and refrigerated. The food can then be opened again in the future. It is hygienic and convenient.

PF-7520 Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine Operation Video: (For more videos, please go to the Machine Video Center)


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