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TB-390 skin packaging machine

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working area: 390 X 540mm
Ideal for skin packing hardware, tools, PCB, ferrite cores, eletronic parts, etc.
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TB-390 Skin Packaging Machine (Economy Type)-
Promivision Best Seller skin packaging machine, with the following unique features:

1: The compact size for minimal space;
2: Apart from 380V, 220V available for offices, warehouses, shops, and homes. So convenient.
3: The high-quality lacquer treatment, for durable and noble appearabnce;
4: Four swivel castors for easy moving;
5: Super quiet vacuum pump , ideal for offices, homes and the working environment;
6: Instant heating, less energy consumption ; Tubular heater for easy replacement;
7: Warming up, handsome face is radiant, enthusiasm can evenly soften various body wraps instantly;
8: Vacuum suction is very strong to deliver best skin packaging result;
9: Most cost effective to save your money;


3 Main weak points for other TB-390 skin pack machines on market,  for you to watch out:

1: The heating element is not scientifically arranged and the heating is uneven. As a result, the skin pack film (especially the PE skin pack film) is partially broken when being heated and vacuum sucked.
2: Using a 3-5mm wide heating wire that is easily burned, frequently maintained, which causes uneven heating. 
3: Some 390 skin pack machine has a vacuum tank, which will easily break the skin pack film and vacuum leaked, so as to deliver poor vacuum skin packaging result.


TB-390 Skin Packaging Machine Spec Sheet (Compared to other models):

Model number TB-390 Body Packing Machine
(semi-automatic type)
Packaging area L54*W39*H14CM L40*W55*H14CM L60 * W45 *H18CM L80*W55*H18CM L90 *W 90 *H18CM
Film width 450-460m/m (18”) 609-615m/m(24”) 500-510mm 609-615m/m(24”) 970-980mm
Frame height    Max  19CM   Max  19CM   Max. 23CM Max  23CM   Max 23CM
Heat Consumption 6KW 4.5KW 6KW 11.7KW 13KW
Vacuum pump 1HP 2HP 4HP 4HP 6HP
Speed    1-3cycle/min 2-4cycle/min 2-4cycle/min 3-4cycle/min 3-4ycle/min
Electricity    Force 380V, 3PH, 50/60HZ
220V, 1PH, 50/60HZ
220V, 1PH, 50/60HZ 220V, 1PH, 50/60HZ 380V,3PH,50/60HZ 380V,3PH,50/60HZ
Mechanical size L100*W90*H122CM L131*W77*H130CM L164*W120*H130CM L225*W153*H164CM
Machine Weight 130KGS 250KGS 350KGS 630KGS 750KGS

Tips: There are larger models such as TB-440 (packaging area 440 X 590mm) and TB-540 (packaging area 540 X 790mm), and non-standard customization.


 Details of TB 390 Skin Packaging Machine Interprets the High Quality Persuit of Promivision:

Refreshing operation panel Vacuum chamber, clip frame, iron tray Strong vacuum system
Standardized wire box Heating box wiring High-grade high temperature paint treatment


Extensive Applications: (For more cases, please click on the Application Cases Center)
Auto/Motorcycle Accessories (such as brake pads, gears, cylinder gaskets, etc.), Sports Equipment/Furniture Accessories (screw packs, accessory bags, etc.), Stationery, Toys, Hardware Products (Furniture hardware, decorative hardware, etc.), Tools (drills, saw blades, etc.), Pneumatic/hydraulic accessories, Handicrafts, Ceramics/glass products, Medical supplies, etc.

Saw blade, drill and other tools hardware Ferrite Core, circuit board Furniture, decorative hardware


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