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PET Skin Packaging Film(PET Skin Pack Film)

PET Body Packaging Film PET Body
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How is PET film (PET film) produced?

Promivision Packaging adopts imported high-quality polyester material, which are cooled by biaxially stretched casting into thin sheet, and then coated with imported high transparent and highly viscous hot melt adhesives, and then cooled and winded on the inner paper cores. The company's advanced extrusion and gluing equipment ensures the thickness uniformity and stable quality of PET skin pack film.

How is the process flow of PET skin packaging film used?

Skin Packaging is a unique form of visual carded display packaging that tightly locks the product to a backing substrate (card board, corrugated board or air bubble sheet) by using a heat formed film that closely conforms to the contours of the product and firmly adheres to the backing board under vacuum suction, for the purpose of commercial display or industrial protection. Universally applied in the packaging areas such as hardware, stationary, toys, electronic components, printer accessories, auto/hydraulic/pneumatic parts, decorative items, arts & crafts, fragile ceramics and glass items, food stuffs, etc.
What are the application areas of PET skin packaging film (PET skin pack film)?
Car/Motorcycle Accessories (such as brake pads, gears), Sports Equipment/Furniture Accessories, Stationery, Toys, Hardware Products (Furniture Hardware, Decorative Hardware, etc.), Tools (Drills, Saw Blades, etc.) ), Pneumatic/hydraulic accessories, handicrafts, ceramics/glass products etc.

What are the core advantages of PET skin packaging film (PET skin oack film)?

1.Excellent transparency, comparable to the transparency of glass, is basically a skin packaging film with zero crystal point, is the preferred packaging film for mirror products such as optical lenses, and has a strong three-dimensional effect . The product is clearly visible, and the highest level of visual display effect.
2, Semi-rigid material, good toughness for best product protection
3. Cmaparing to the PVC body packaging film, the PET body packaging film has good low-temperature resistance and will not be brittle in environments below 4 degrees Celsius.
4. Excellent thermoforming performance. After being heated and softened, the PET skin packaging film will be completely attached to the shape of the product under the sucking of the vacuum .
5. Extensibility is extremely high, tensile strength is extremely high, and under the strong vacuum suction it will not be broken.
5, Rapid heating time, improve packaging efficiency.
6, When the PET skin packaging being heated, it does not emit any smell, the real environmental non-toxic products.
7, Good anti-aging ability, long-term storage will not turn yellow aging.
8, Completely comply with SGS, FDA environmental protection regulations
9, This film is self-adhesive,so the cardboard can be without additional glue, simplifying the packaging process, saving packaging costs.
10. It has high adhesive property with cardboard and is not selective for cardboard. It can be firmly bonded with ordinary cardboard.
11, Based on its toughness, good stretchability, it is especially used for packaging heavy , large, shaped products.

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