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PVC Skin Packaging Film(PVC skin Pack Film)

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Width: 450-670mm; Thickness: 0.05-0.20mm;
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Dongguan Promivision Packaging specializes in the manufacture and sale of PVC skin packaging film(PVC skin pack film) for more than 10 years, using high-quality imported PVC plastic raw materials, and the most advanced equipment and process technology in PVC. The film is coated with high-quality imported hot-melt adhesives. Our PVC packaging film products have been recognized and trusted by our customers and have won a good reputation in the market.

Application Field of PVC Skin Pack FIlm (PVC Skin Packaging Film):

Hardware Products (Furniture Hardware, Decoration Hardware, etc.), Tools (Drills, Saw Blades, etc.), Automobile/Motorcycle Accessories (eg Brake Pads, Gears), Sports Equipment/Furniture Accessories, Stationery, Toys, pneumatic/hydraulic accessories, handicrafts, ceramics/glass products, etc.

PVC Skin Pack Film (PVC Skin Packaging Film) Main Features:

1. This film has good transparency. The product has a strong three-dimensional effect after being attached to the body and the product is clearly visible.
2, because it is a semi-rigid material, toughness and tensile strength, as opposed to PE body packaging film, to be inferior.
3. The low-temperature resistance of PVC skin packaging film is slightly inferior to that of PE skin packaging film, and it is relatively easy to become brittle at 4 degrees or less.
4. Extensibility is general. After being heated and softened, under the effect of vacuum plastic packaging machine, the adhesiveness of the product shape is slightly inferior, and the film around the wrapped product cannot be well-placed into a right angle. Shape, will affect the appearance of product packaging.
5, when heated, it will release a little peculiar taste of PVC plastic.
6, poor anti-aging ability, storage time is too long will produce yellow phenomenon.
7, self-adhesive, no additional glue on the cardboard, simplify the packaging process, saving packaging costs.
8, high adhesive strength, can be firmly bonded with ordinary cardboard.
9, may not be fully compounded SGS, FDA environmental requirements, please determine whether to use. If there are environmental and non-toxic requirements for packaging materials, please choose Fengyuan packaging and other body packaging film.
10, most small products can be used PVC body packaging film (PVC body film) packaging, use a wide range.
When should I use PVC body wrap (PVC body wrap)?
1. The product does not have a clear environmental requirement for the body packaging film used.
2. The product's own value is low, which belongs to the nature of Daluo. Therefore, the requirements for product packaging are relatively low.
3, the effect of the product on the skin packaging is not very high, such as the visual display and attachment requirements are not high.
4, foreign customers on the packaging cost is too tricky, the boss is not willing to buy a good point of body membrane, it will only use PVC body membrane will be right.
5, the shape of a relatively regular, flat product using PVC body packaging film packaging effect is acceptable.


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