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PE Skin Packaging Film (PE Skin Pack Film)

SE, SE2, SE5
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Width: 300-1300mm; Thickness: 0.05-0.50mm; Color: clear, red, green, blue, or to be specified.
hardware, hand tool, printed circuit boards, ferrite cores, auto radiator, etc
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From the selection of raw materials, the control of process parameters, the control of width and thickness, the winding of finished products, to the protective packaging and shipping, all the the details are under our stringent control and with good craftsmanship:


Raw material selection Winding surface without wrinkles The winding side is neat and cut like a knife


Dongguan Promivision PE skin packaging film (PE skin film) adopts selected imported high performance raw materials, and invests much time and money in developing new formula and new products. Our PE skin packaging film (PE skin film) has high transparency, good elongation at break, high tensile strength, and excellent skin packaging performance. It is a leader in similar products in China and is therefore highly favored by customers all over the world.

PE Skin Packing Film (PE Skin Pack Film) Main Core Benefits:

Advantage 1: High Transparency, Good Product Visual Display
Advantage 2: Compared to the PVC skin film, this film has good thermoforming extensibility and exellent skin-tight packing result
Advantage 3: Using high-strength imported materials, this film offers excellent toughness and high product protection.
Advantage 4: Resistance to Low-Temperature Environment
Advantage 5: Environmental friendly, non-toxic, FDA, ROHS environmental regulations complied
Advantage 6: The material cost is relatively low and cost advantage is quite obvious
Advantage 7: The adhesiion strength of PE skin packaging film can be specified: non-sticky, low-viscosity, standard-viscosity, and high-viscosity, based on The actual product packaging needs
Advantage 8: You can specify the color of the PE skin pack film to give the packaged product a more visual recognition function
Advantage 9: For electronic products, PE skin packaging film provide anti-static options

Dongguan Fengyuan Packing Co., Ltd. has nearly 20 years experience in the manufacturing of PE Body Packing Film (PE Body Membrane), advanced technicians, advanced equipment, strict quality control system, and perfect pre-sales and after-sales system. The company has strong comprehensive strength and many production lines. Large-scale mass production, timely delivery, low prices, experienced sales experts, at any time for you to analyze and answer the body packaging technology problems, to provide you with the best body-fit packaging one-stop solution. Please call the national unified sales hotline: 400-889-6006 and look forward to your valuable call.

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Width: 300-1300mm; Thickness: 0.05-0.50mm; Color: clear, red, green, blue, or to be specified.
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