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Medical products body packaging film

Medical products body packaging
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FengYuan Brand Medical Packaging Film Packing Case Show:


Medical packaging film packaging case picture Medical product fit packaging pictures


Peculiarity of Peak Source Medical Packaging Film:
Advantage 1:The colors of the film are red, green, blue, purple, etc., and other colors are customized to increase the visual appeal of the product;
Advantage 2:The film's thermoforming extension adheres perfectly, and is fully compliant with the product's form factor. Stereoscopic display effect;
Advantage 3:Vacuum-sealed packaging provides good barrier properties and can be used to prevent oxidation, dust, and moisture in medical products. Packaged products can be pasteurized and can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria;
Advantage 4:This membrane fully meets FDA food and drug packaging contact safety requirements;
Advantage 5:The width and thickness of the packaging film can be customized according to the customer's actual needs.

This product is mainly applicable:
Widely used in surgical tools, syringes, surgical magnets, surgical tools, surgical lenses and other medical supplies.

Filling Skin Packaging Process:

Placing Medical Products (Medical Products) on a Special Base Plate (Cardboard, Bubble Film, Sponge Mat, or Plastic Pallet) to Include Product-Wrapped Medical Apparel Packaging Films (Applied Body) The film) is tightly attached to the surface of the product under the effect of heating and vacuuming of the vacuum body blister packaging machine, and is sealed with the bottom plate. The body-enclosed products are well protected and exhibit their natural appearance and appearance, giving the product a visual effect of sculpture.

FengYuan Brand Medical Skin Vacuum Packaging Film Image:

Medical medical body packaging film pictures Medical product vacuum body packaging film pictures

Our company is the most professional one-stop supplier for body-fitting packaging (). The product covers the medical body-fitting packaging film, sarin body-fitting film, body-fitting vacuum packaging machine, and stickers. Body auxiliary materials such as breathable cardboard, Sarin glue and so on. Please make appropriate choices based on your medical products to reduce costs, improve efficiency, enhance the effect of body-fitting packaging, and sell products to create profits as the ultimate goal. If you need help to help you make the right choice, please call our sales line 400-889-6006 immediately and sincerely look forward to your noble call.

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