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Food Vacuum Skin Packaging Film (Food Skin Packaging Film)

Food vacuum packaging film (food
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Promivision Food Vacuum Skin Packaging Film,  Food Vacuum Skin Film, Food Skin Packaging Film

                                     Over Ten Years' Manufacturing Expertise,

                            Out-standing Premium Quality, Your Reliable Choice


Food Vacuum Skin Packaging Film Application Cases Classic Display:


Frozen shrimp (Squash and prawns) Frozen fish and fish fillets Frozen meat
Frozen poultry meat  Frozen smoked fish meat Frozen foie gras

 Food Vacuum Skin Packaging Film - 5 Core Features:

Features 1: High transparency skin film for best visual display effect. After the food is packaged, the products color and texture is clearly visible, for more eye appeal.
Features 2: Fully lock the color, aroma, taste, freshness, and tenderness of the packaged food, allowing diners to experience a new taste bud storm.
Features 3: Low-temperature thermoformability, high packaging efficiency, and no impact on food quality.
Features 4: Eexcellent deep draw elongation property. Even for irregularly shaped products, the film can also be completely adhered to the contures of the product , up to 100% vacuum effect.
Features 5: Fully comply with FDA food contact safety regulations, without any adverse effects on food.
Feature 6: Product thickness tolerance is within 6%, which is ahead of domestic manufacturing standards in this industry sector.


Common specifications:
The common width is 760mm, 420mm, 520mm, etc. The common thickness is: 0.075mm, 0.10mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm. Special specifications can be customized.


Widely used in vacuum skin packaging  frozen fresh meat, frozen seafood (fish, shrimp, mussels, oysters, shellfish, etc.), poultry, foie gras, sushi, sashimi, pastry , smoked meat products, pet foods, etc.

The concept and features of food vacuum packaging:

Vacuum Skin Packaging for Food is an innovative method through which under the condition of vacuum the product is  skintightly packaged in-between a upper layer of film and a backing tray (or board or film), offering dual functions as skintight visual display package and freshness preserving via vacuum sealing.

* Skintight vacuum package can prevent product  water element evaporization and shrinkage, so as to preserve its original product tenderness, aroma, color and flavor.

* High-barrier vacuum skin packaging film can barrier oxygen and contain bacteria breeding. It can prevent the fat from oxidation and discoloring, so as to achieve a longer shelf life.

* After vacuum packaging and freezing storage, the cooked meat can taste more tender and juicy.

* It can prevent ice crystal built-up and desiccation due to freezer burn while being refrigerated.

* It can do combined package which the consumer can partially open to eat the desired part of the product then return the remained package to refrigerator for later use for more convenience.

* Highly clear vacuum skin pack film offers a visual display package which is more attractive and can evoke purchase desire.

With over ten years experience in food vacuum skin packaging film/food vacuum skin film manufacturing, strong technical support, large-scale production by multiple production lines,  and guaranteed quality and delivery, Dongguan Promivision Packaging Manufactory will welcome your esteemed inquiries at 0086-400-889-6006, corporate QQ: 2850670788, Wechat: 0086 18825738137, Skype: promivision.
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Suitable for vacuum skin packing frozen/chilled beef, mutton meat products (red meat).
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