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Car radiator vacuum body packaging film (heat sink plastic packaging film)

Car radiator vacuum body packagi
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Top 9 Reasons to Pack Various Automotive Radiator Radiators Using Fengyuan Radiator Vacuum Body Packaging Film (Radiator Vacuum Blister Packing Film) Span>



Reasons 1:The thin aluminum sheet on the radiator surface of the radiator is very thin and needs protection.
Reasons 2:Use of white foam packaging will increase white pollution and lower product quality
Reasons 3:Using High-Vacuum Vacuum Skin Packaging to Improve Product Visual Value and Increase Product Value
Reasons 4:Wrapped with Automated Radiator-specific Vacuum Skin Packaging Machines, High Efficiency
Reasons 5:Vacuum packaging prevents oxidation of aluminum radiators, dust, shock, and product protection.
Reason 6:This film has excellent tensile properties and a 10-20cm height heatsink product with approximately 0.18-0.25mm The thickness of the film can achieve perfect body blister packaging effect.
Reason 7:This film is highly viscous and can be tightly bonded to corrugated cardboard without worrying about the shedding of the package (on the market Some radiator packaging films are not sticky, films and cardboard may fall off, or cardboard may be glued on, adding cost and trouble.
Reasons 8:Radiator vacuum packaging film over 1 meter can also be produced and supplied
Rights 9:The company also manufactures and supplies automotive radiator radiators, vacuum packaging machines, packaging machines and packaging films. Guaranteed results


Common Spec Recommendations

Common Width: 680,780,880,980,1080,1180mm, etc.
Common thickness: 0.18, 0.20, 0.22, 0.25mm, etc.

Guangdong Fengyuan Packaging has nearly 20 years experience in the manufacturing of automotive radiator packaging film, with strict quality control, multiple production lines to ensure fast delivery, and large-scale production to benefit customers. Please call the company immediately. National Free Consultation Hotline: 400-889-6006, Enterprise QQ: 2850670788, Our experienced and passionate business representatives will answer questions for you and send you free samples. wrap.

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