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Circuit board vacuum body packaging film

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High transparent high-strength circuit board vacuum body packaging film, circuit board PE vacuum packaging film

-Fengyuan has been manufacturing for nearly 20 years, with complete specifications and quality assurance.

Circuit board vacuum body packaging process:

Through the heating system of the circuit board vacuum body packaging machine, the vacuum body packaging film is heated and softened to cover the circuit board and the transparent bubble bottom film, and at the same time the vacuum suction force of the body vacuum packaging machine is enabled under the bubble bottom film. The vacuum tight body packaging film is formed in accordance with the shape of the circuit board, and is tightly adhered to the air bubble bottom film, and the circuit board is tightly wrapped tightly between the transparent top film and the bottom film, and has excellent visual display. Effects and industrial shock protection to protect packaging effect.


Circuit board vacuum packaging film products

1. Common transparent circuit board vacuum body packaging film (Product Code: SA): Suitable for packaging ordinary circuit board products without anti-static requirements;
2. Transparent anti-static circuit board vacuum body packaging film (Product Code: SATC): Suitable for packaging with anti-static requirements circuit board;
3, red anti-static circuit board vacuum body packaging film (Product Code: SATR): Suitable for anti-static requirements of the circuit board, plus red mainly for easy identification, red and pink are available in two colors. Other special colors can be customized。

Circuit board vacuum body packaging film 5 big features:

Features 1: deep drawing hot forming effect is excellent, the strongest tightening force, effectively prevent the circuit board from moving friction and protect product quality.
Feature 2: High transparency, the appearance and texture of the circuit board are clearly visible after vacuum packaging, and the visual display effect is the best.
Feature 3: This film will not leave any wrinkles on the PCB surface after packaging. The PCB vacuum body packaging has excellent results. (The peak product R&D department's special product formula surpasses similar competitive products).
Feature 4: The width can be 0.3-1.3 meters, thickness 0.08-0.5MM, you may use the specifications, we can produce according to your needs.
Feature 5: The mass production of multiple automatic production lines and strong production supply capabilities are the strong support for our fast delivery.

7 core advantages of circuit board vacuum packaging:

Advantage 1:High packaging efficiency: One or more stacks of circuit boards can be packaged at once, eliminating the need for molds, one-off vacuum sealed package forming, and rapid Efficient.
Advantage 2:Increase the value of the circuit board's appearance: This package is tightly affixed to the transparent circuit board vacuum-packed PE film after it is heated and softened. Attached to the surface of the product, the three-dimensional effect is strong, transparent and beautiful, easy to touch and neat and beautiful.
Advantage 3:Effective Vacuum Shock Protection: Stacked Circuit Boards Will Not Move After Being Packaged Shockproof, anti-friction; another vacuum sealed packaging, can effectively prevent moisture, moisture, oxidation, dust, effectively protect the quality of products, extend the shelf life of products.
Advantage 4:Low Cost of Packaging Materials: Use ordinary PE vacuum adhesive film, bubble bottom film, materials are inexpensive and easy to obtain .
Advantage 5:Save on storage and transportation costs: Save on traditional shock-proof packaging methods such as styrofoam, bubble cloth, and plastic cover package volume.
Advantage 6:Environmental Packaging: Environmentally friendly packaging materials that comply with SGS, ROHS, FDA environmental regulations, and circuit boards and human health And the environment is non-toxic and harmless.
Advantage 7:Increase brand value: The high-quality, high-quality packaging looks and the brand value continues to strengthen.

Application Case of Circuit Board Vacuum Packing Films: (More examples, please move to the application case center)


Dongguan Fengyuan Packaging is a leading manufacturer of circuit-substrate vacuum packaging film in China. It has strong capabilities, complete quality, fast delivery, low price, long-term stock availability for common specifications, and free samples available at any time. Please call the product order hotline:400-889-6006,Business QQ:2850670788, let our sales specialists recommend it to you The most suitable product.

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