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Circuit board vacuum packaging film (PCB body packaging film)

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High transparent high stretch circuit board vacuum packaging film, PCB circuit board body packaging film, circuit board PE vacuum packaging film

-Fengyuan has been manufacturing for nearly 20 years, with complete specifications and quality assurance.

The main product categories:
1. Ordinary transparent circuit board vacuum packaging film (Product Code: SA): Suitable for packaging ordinary circuit board products without anti-static requirements;
2. Transparent anti-static circuit board vacuum packaging film (product code: SATC): Suitable for packaging PCB with anti-static requirements;
3, red anti-static PCB vacuum packaging film (Product Code: SATR): For anti-static requirements of the circuit board, plus red mainly for easy identification, there are two kinds of red and pink for choice。


Fengyuan brand circuit board vacuum packaging film main features:
1. High transparency, after vacuum packaging, circuit board appearance and texture at a glance, visual display effect reached the highest level.
2.Excellent stretch forming performance, the strongest tightening force for the product of the circuit board being packaged, effectively preventing the product from moving friction.
3. Wrinkles will not be left on the surface of the PCB after heating and packaging will show you the most perfect PCB vacuum body packaging effect. (Special and high-quality product formula, beyond peer-like products).
4. The width can be more than 1.3 meters, thickness 0.15-0.5MM, you may use the specifications, we can produce according to your needs.
5. The production of multiple production lines and strong production capacity are the solid backing for our fast delivery。

Circuit board vacuum packaging process: Through the heating system of the circuit board vacuum body packaging machine, the vacuum packaging film is heated and softened to cover the circuit board and the transparent bubble bottom film, and at the same time, the vacuum suction force of the PCB body vacuum packaging machine is enabled under the bubble bottom film. The vacuum tight protection packaging film is formed according to the circuit board shape and adhered tightly to the air bubble bottom film, and the circuit board is tightly wrapped tightly between the transparent top film and the bottom film, and has excellent visual display effect. Industrial shock protection package effect.


7 core advantages of circuit board vacuum packaging:
1. High packing efficiency: One or more circuit boards can be packaged at one time, no mold, one-time vacuum sealed package molding, fast and efficient.
2. Enhance the appearance value of the circuit board: This package is tightly attached to the surface of the product due to the heat sealing and softening of the transparent circuit board vacuum packaging PE film. The three-dimensional effect is strong, transparent and beautiful, easy to touch inspection, and neat and beautiful.
3. Good effect of vacuum shockproof protection: The whole circuit board will not move after being packaged, the pieces will stick tightly, and it can effectively prevent shock and friction; another vacuum sealed package can effectively prevent moisture, moisture, oxidation, dust, and effectively protect The quality of the product extends the shelf life of the product.
4. Low cost packaging materials: use ordinary PE vacuum film, bubble bottom film, the material is cheap and easy to obtain.
5. Save on storage and transportation costs: Compared with traditional styrofoam, air bubble cloth, plastic cover and other shock-proof packaging methods, it saves packaging volume.
6. Environmentally-friendly packaging: It is an environmentally-friendly packaging material that complies with SGS, ROHS, and FDA environmental regulations and is non-toxic and harmless to circuit boards, human health, and the environment.
7. Increase brand value: high-grade and high-quality packaging appearance, long-term brand value subtle, value is extraordinary。



Circuit board vacuum packaging film application case display:


Dongguan Fengyuan Packing ( is a leading manufacturer of vacuum packaging films for circuit boards in China. It has a comprehensive strength and complete product line established by production equipment and senior technicians. Products, thoughtful after-sales service, long-term free samples on call, please call the product ordering hotline:400-889-6006,EnterpriseQQ:2850670788,Looking forward to your noble call。

For more technical questions and answers, please click: Technical Center, or call our sales representative。

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