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5580H Automatic Return Plate Circuit Packer

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FengYuan Brand 5580H automatic return plate circuit board vacuum packaging machine is the most automatic similar model in China, and the fully closed working aluminum plate design allows 5-6 aluminum plates to operate online at the same time, and the packaging efficiency has the greatest potential. The excavation of limits has helped circuit board manufacturers to effectively cope with the high labor cost problem and has become the preferred model for international major brand PCB manufacturers. (The company supporting production and supply: circuit board vacuum packaging film)

1:5580H Return Circuit Board Vacuum Packing Machine Host
2:Feeding Feeder
3: discharge pull machine
4: floor conveyor (loading area)
5: floor conveyor (loading area)
6: Roller cover (loading area)


【Operating procedure】
First, turn on the power
Second, according to the circuit board PE vacuum packaging film thickness set heating and vacuum time
Third, install the vacuum packaging PE film in the film pressure box
Fourth, the manual / automatic selection button to "automatic" position
5. The aluminum sheet that has been loaded with the paper card and circuit board will be automatically sent forward before being placed on the feed conveyor (2).
6. When the working aluminum plate reaches the innermost position in zone (2), the feed pusher automatically pushes the aluminum plate to the vacuum packaging area (1)
7. After the aluminum plate is positioned in the vacuum packaging area, the hot box will automatically start heating (while the pulling machine (3) has been on standby)
8. When the heating time is up, the pressure frame (film) is lowered and the vacuum body blister packaging is made.
Nine, after the packaging, the upper pressure frame is opened, pull the machine forward to pull out the aluminum plate, the upper pressure frame is closed and melted to cut off the film, the pressure frame is closed and the vacuum packaging film is clamped and then rises to the apex.
10. After the aluminum plate is pulled out, the aluminum plate is automatically conveyed by the discharging conveyor (3) to the placing area (5)
11. The worker will remove the completed product, place the substrate and product on the aluminum plate and push it to the (4) zone for another packaging.


【Main performance features】
1, using instantaneous heat heating, heating evenly, vacuum packaging film heat evenly, to ensure stable vacuum plastic packaging effect.
2, hot box fixed, save space.
3. The upper pressure frame is automatically opened. After the material is discharged, the upper pressure frame is automatically closed and the film is automatically cut off. The efficiency is high.
4. Adopting the return tray type feeding and discharging mode, the left side feeds automatically, and the right side automatically discharges material. At the same time, 5-6 working aluminum plates can be allowed to work. The efficiency of the traditional model is increased by more than 60%, and the use of manpower is reduced. To the lowest, significant savings in labor costs.
5. Feeding and discharging are driven by robots and driven by electric drums. The material entering and discharging is smooth and smooth.
6, equipped with a hot knife to protect the net, etc., high security.
7, special movable film pressure frame device, safe and reliable.
8, rubber seat roller elastic adjustable device to avoid slack film.
9, free from air pressure, the use of powerful free oil vacuum pump, high stability and durability.
10, the appearance of sheet metal with paint treatment, durable and beautiful.
11, electrical control:
A. Manual automatic selection: Easy to debug or maintain the machine manually, continuous production at automatic time.
B. Heating and evacuation separately adjustable timing: separate timing adjustment
C. The main electrical appliances and motors are all made of high-quality accessories with stable and reliable quality.


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