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2012A-5580 Instant Thermal Circuit Board Vacuum Packing Machine

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Fengyuan Brand PV-2012A-5580 Instant Thermal Circuit Board Vacuum Packer, Easy Operation and High Convenience

【Operating principle】
Put the circuit board stack on the transparent PE bubble film, then push it into the vacuum chamber of the circuit board vacuum packaging machine together with the working aluminum plate, the heating system starts automatically, and the circuit board vacuum packaging film is heated, and after the softening point is reached, it is automatically started. The vacuum system draws a vacuum under the bubble bottom film. Then, the upper transparent vacuum packaging film is tightly adsorbed on the surface of the circuit board stack and the bubble film. The inside air is completely drawn and reaches a vacuum state. Thus, the circuit The plate stack is tightly fastened and fixed between the upper PE vacuum packaging film and the lower bubble film, and functions as a tight-binding anti-friction and vacuum oxidation prevention function. (The company supporting production and supply: high-quality circuit board vacuum packaging film)


【Main specifications】
Effective packaging area: L800*W550*H180m/m;
Only use film width: 609~615m/m(24");
Membrane frame height: up to 23CM
Electric heat: 10KW, instantaneous type (actual average power consumption is less than 5KW)
Vacuum Pump: 3PH
Speed: 3-4 times/minute
Electricity: 380V 3PH 50/60HZ;
Mechanical size: L175*W95*H145CM; Package size: L160 X W110 X H155CM
Machine weight: 380KGS


【Main performance features】
1. Incoming and outgoing materials are conveyed and pulled out on the roller with the working aluminum plate. The material entering and exiting is quiet, smooth, smooth, and labor-saving.
2. Feed and discharge methods: There are two options for left-right and right-out and right-right-out.
3. All-mechanical transmission design eliminates the need for air compressors to provide air.
4. With photoelectric sensing device, when the vacuum packaging film is heated and softened to hang down to a certain position, the film frame will automatically descend the pneumatic vacuum system, which can ensure the stability of the packaging and the higher packaging yield, and solve the transient heat vacuum. The packaging machine is difficult to control due to poor heating time and the packaging quality is unstable.
5. Special instant-heat glass electric heating tube arrangement, uniform heating; fixed electric heating box, instantaneous heating type, energy saving, little impact on the ambient temperature, is conducive to improving the working environment of workers.
6. It adopts a powerful oil-free vacuum pump, strong vacuum, quiet and no noise, suitable for long-time production.
7. With high quality spare parts, stable and reliable performance, suitable for long-term packaging operations.
8. Can cooperate with assembly line operations to improve efficiency, suitable for medium volume and mass production.
9. Other standard specifications are: 55X 65 CM, 55 X 120CM, 55 X 130 CM (operation area)
10. Other special sizes can be customized according to customer's specific requirements


【Model Selection Tips】
PV-390 Economy Instant Type: Small package area, low power (average power consumption less than 3KW), 220V/380V optional, suitable for small batch or model production;
PV-5540 semi-automatic heat type: small package area, low power (4.5KW), 220V voltage, convenient in and out, suitable for production of small and medium batch circuit boards;
PV-4560 automatic direct heating type: medium packaging area, suitable for medium-volume packaging needs;
PV-2012A-5580 automatic instantaneous type: large packaging area, instantaneous heating and energy saving, easy access to materials, suitable for medium-volume and mass production;
PV-2012A-55130 Automatic Instantaneous Type: Ultra-long packaging area of ​​1.3 meters, can pack up to 1.2 meters of the circuit board, instant heating and energy conservation, convenient access to materials, suitable for medium and large batch production and long PCB board use ;
PV-5580 automatic direct heating type (luxury type): Large package area, constant heating, slightly faster heating speed, easy access to materials;
PV-5580S automatic instantaneous heat (luxury type): large package area, instantaneous heating, easy access to materials;
PV-5580H automatic high-speed return disc type: Closed continuous conveying, 5-6 working aluminum plates can be used online at the same time, manpower is reduced to a minimum, suitable for large volume production requirements。


Dongguan Zhongtang Fengyuan Packing Products Factory, more than 10 years dedicated to the development of circuit board vacuum packaging machine, the machine passed CE certification, reliable quality, professional after-sales service, welcome domestic and foreign customers letter calls to plant negotiations, if you need to further understand 2012A -5580 Instant Thermal Circuit Board Vacuum Packaging Machine, CallNational Free Consultation Hotline:400-889-6006,EnterpriseQQ:2850670788,



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