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5580 direct thermal automatic circuit board vacuum packaging machine

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It is widely used in vacuum body protection packages such as double-sided, multilayer, single-sided, hard, copper-clad, and flexible circuit boards.
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5580 direct thermal automatic circuit board vacuum packaging machine is the old model successfully developed by the company for more than 10 years. Its quality is king and its reputation is excellent. Many large brand circuit board manufacturers such as Iliona and Zhizhuo Feigao , Shengyi Circuit, etc., 3-5 units in each factory are in use. Dongguan Fengyuan Packaging ( has been devoted to creating high-end brands of circuit board vacuum packaging machines in the past 20 years. We will use the most professional technology and experience to help you solve the practical problems of vacuum packaging of circuit boards. The Division also supporting the production and supply of circuit board vacuum packaging film. Welcome to call the national free hotline: 400-889-6006


【Machine appearance drawing】

【Scope of application】
It is widely used in vacuum tight protection packaging for multi-layer, single-sided, double-sided, copper-clad, rigid, and flexible circuit boards.

【Main specifications】
Effective operating area:L800*W550*H180m/m;
Film width:409~615m/m(24");
Laminated frame height: up to 23CM
Electric heat: 11.7KW;
Vacuum pump: 4HP refueling powerful vacuum pump, strong vacuum, no noise;
Speed: 3-4 times/minute
Electricity: 380V, 3PH, 50/60HZ;
Mechanical size: L225*W153*H164CM (Right-right-out); L275*W153*H164CM (left-right-out)


【Main performance features】
1. Equipped with left and right feeding and discharging conveyors, using stainless steel reinforced roller to convey working aluminum plate, the material entering and leaving is quiet, smooth, and effortless;
2. Flexible feeding and discharging options: There are two options: left-right-out and right-right-out; left-right-out, compared with the traditional right-in and right-out models, the packaging efficiency is increased by 30-40%. Above;
2. Hot box and hot knife equipped with protective cover, high security, effectively protect the safety of the operator;
3. Special far-infrared ceramic electric heating tube arrangement, uniform heating, good effect of circuit board vacuum packaging; front and rear mobile electric heating box, constant temperature (normally heated) heating method, fast heating, effectively improve the packaging efficiency, compared with instantaneous heat type Increase packaging efficiency by more than 20%;
4. The use of high-quality spare parts, stable performance, high failure rate, basically belongs to the maintenance-free high-quality models;
5. Powerful oil-free vacuum pump, strong vacuum, quiet, suitable for prolonged production;
6. Can be combined with assembly line production to increase efficiency, suitable for medium-volume and high-volume circuit board (circuit board) production;
7. Other standard specifications are: 66 X 80 CM, 70 X 80 CM, 80 X 80CM, 90 X 90 CM (operation area);
8. Other special specifications can be produced according to customer requirements:


【Circuit board vacuum tight protection main function】
1. The vacuum tightly wrapped circuit board is wrapped between the upper transparent circuit vacuum packaging film and the bottom transparent bubble bottom film, which can effectively prevent the circuit board from scratching;
2. The transparent packaging film material is used on the circuit board and the lower part, and the whole body is transparent and the visual display effect is excellent. It is also convenient to view the touch;
3.All-vacuum closed package, moistureproof, anti-oxidation effect is very good;
4. Any shape box size circuit board can be packaged with high flexibility and convenience.
5. The special PE vacuum packaging film for circuit boards can be added with antistatic agent to achieve the goal of perfect anti-static protection packaging, effectively guarantee the quality and applicable life of the circuit board;


【Model Selection Tips】
PV-390 Economy Instant Type: Small package area, low power (average power consumption less than 3KW), 220V/380V optional, suitable for small batch or model production;
PV-5540 semi-automatic heat type: small package area, low power (4.5KW), 220V voltage, convenient in and out, suitable for production of small and medium batch circuit boards;
PV-4560 automatic direct heating type: medium packaging area, suitable for medium-volume packaging needs;
PV-2012A-5580 automatic instantaneous type: large packaging area, instantaneous heating and energy saving, easy access to materials, suitable for medium-volume and mass production;
PV-2012A-55130 Automatic Instantaneous Type: Ultra-long packaging area of ​​1.3 meters, can pack up to 1.2 meters of the circuit board, instant heating and energy conservation, convenient access to materials, suitable for medium and large batch production and long PCB board use ;
PV-5580 automatic direct heating type (luxury type): Large package area, constant heating, slightly faster heating speed, easy access to materials;
PV-5580S automatic instantaneous heat (luxury type): large package area, instantaneous heating, easy access to materials;
PV-5580H automatic high-speed return disc type: Closed continuous conveying, 5-6 working aluminum plates can be used online at the same time, manpower is reduced to a minimum, suitable for large volume production requirements。



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Widely used in single-side, double-sided, multi-layer, hard, flexible circuit boards and copper clad laminates and other body-protective vacuum packaging.
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It is widely used in vacuum body protection packages such as double-sided, multilayer, single-sided, hard, copper-clad, and flexible circuit boards.
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