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Product name

Surlyn Film (Surlyn Skin Packaging Film)

S , SV. SC
Width: 300-1300mm; Thickness: 0.05-0.50mm; Color: clear, red, green, blue, or to be specified.
auto parts, furniture hardware, drill bits, fitness equipment parts kit, etc
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Product description
Video demonstration

The miracle of science will be enlightened by Promivision Surlyn Film

             via the following perfect skin packaging examples



The above perfect skin packaging performance thanks to two supreme genes of Surlyn Film (Surlyn Skin Packaging Film):

Gene 1: Ultra-transparency, comparable to crystal
Gene 2: Excellent deep draw thermoforming elongation property

Customers select Sarin Surlyn Film (Surlyn Skin Packaging Film) for nothing more than one of the following six reasons:

Cause 1: Foreign Customers designate supplier to use only surlyn film
Cause 2: Requires high transparency film to fully reflect the original color and texture of the product to be skin packed
Cause 3: Requires the skin film to deliver 100% skin-tight skin packing result
Cause 4: Requires that the cardboard not to bend/warp after skin packing
Cause 5: After all other types of skin packaigng films were tested, they did not meet the packing standard
Cause 6: The packaging yield needs to be very high, and the loss of defective products should be almost zero


Original imported Sarin resin (crystal clear) Surlyn Reson Pinus sylvestris (flat wrap without wrinkles)


Dongguan Promivisin Packaging specializes in the manufacturing and development of highly transparent skin packaging film (Surlyn skin film) for more than 10 years. It adopts high quality imported Surlyn plastic raw materials, and the most advanced equipment and process technology in China. Transparency and thermoforming elongation property can be called first-class in the industry in China. Our products have been trusted by domestic and foreign customers. The market share in China is as high as 80%, and a good brand image and good reputation have been established nation-wide.

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Width: 300-1300mm; Thickness: 0.05-0.50mm; Color: clear, red, green, blue, or to be specified.
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