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Frozen Seafood Body Film Vacuum Vacuum Body Film Blister Film for Seafood

Shrink film packaging machine (Shrink film vacuum packaging machine Shrink film vacuum packaging machine): Model: PF-7520 Vacuum size: 710 x long, 500 x wide and 90 mm high Electric heating: 6 KW Vacuum pump: 110 m3 / min (Bosch Vacuum Pump 111) MACHINE SIZE: 710 x long, 750 x wide and 1050 mm high Applicable film width: 760mm Electricity: 380 V, 3 PH, 60 Hz

Dongguan City Zhongtang peaks source packaging products factory (the company Web site www.skinfilm.cn), specializing in the production of fresh meat vacuum skin packaging machine (packaging machine chicken wings Fresh Veg stereoscopic film packaging machine) imported spare parts, good quality , Stable performance, one year warranty and lifetime maintenance. Product quality is high, the price is reasonable, the service is comprehensive, the products sell well at home and abroad.

Dongguan Zhongtang Fengyuan Packaging Products Factory website (www.skinfilm.cn), specializing in the production of frozen seafood skin packaging machines (seafood high-speed skin packaging machines frozen aquatic products skin packaging machines) , using original imported parts, quality Excellent, stable performance, one-year warranty, lifetime maintenance. High-quality products, reasonable prices, comprehensive services, the company's cost-effective seafood skin packaging machine has been sold at home and abroad.

Sarin resin film is made of imported surlyn reson, which has excellent skin packaging effect.

DuPont packaging film (DuPont Sarin packaging film, DuPont film) , product concept: Du is the United States DuPont's advanced body packaging film (fitting film), made by the United States DuPont resources and blown film technology. After heating with a skin-pack packaging machine, cover it on top of the packaging product and cardboard, then vacuum plasticize under the cardboard, tightly cover the DuPont Salin film on the cardboard, and then tightly wrap the product in the sand film And cardboard.

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