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The enlightenment of the successful marketing strategy of brain platinum to the body packaging industry

The enlightenment of the successful marketing strategy of brain platinum to the body packaging industry

If you want to evaluate China's "business wizards", Shi Yuzhu is definitely on the list.Shi Yuzhu was the first programmer in China.In the 1990s, he developed the Hanka operating system and earned hundreds of millions of dollars through advertising in newspapers and magazines.Everyone thought his entrepreneurial career was over.




If Ma Huateng is good at products and Ma Yun is good at organization and strategy, then Shi Yuzhu is definitely a marketing genius.This person who originated from science and engineering has a marketing concept that makes the market amazing.Whether his products are controversial or not, they are still worth learning, at least in terms of user needs and marketing methods, which are worthy of reference and learning for the packaging industry.

The above are 15 marketing laws he has formulated, which were extracted from Shi Yuzhu's book, "My Marketing Insights: A Personal Account by Shi Yuzhu".

1. Surround the cities with the countryside

China's population is pyramid-shaped, with the apex in three cities: Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, the largest cities, with the smallest population proportion.

In fact, all products, whether domestic or foreign, are losing money in terms of national consumer goods in these three cities. Sales may be possible, but the cost is too high.In fact, the lower the city, the higher the profit, and the lower the cost.To do Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, it is actually to radiate the surrounding areas.

In rural areas, our advertisements are placed on the walls of pigsties, factories, and on both sides of railways.

People in our city think that the score is too low.But when you go to the countryside, the people in the countryside will not feel depressed because they live in that environment, not for urban people to see.So you should not take the opinions of urban people seriously. You are for the benefit of the rural people. If the rural people do not feel depressed, then you can do it. In addition, the cost of doing this is very low.50 yuan can paint a wall, and you can do it once a year.It's actually very good. This is what I learned from the other three health care products companies.

2. The foundation of marketing must be good products

When humans evolved from apes, the most difficult thing to deceive was the consumer, who was the most astute.Even if it was only a temporary deception, the enterprise would eventually be rewarded.

As a company, it is to provide products that meet the needs of consumers.But first of all, the premise is that the product must be a good product.If the product is ineffective and cheats consumers, it will be shut down after three years at most.A product that wants to make money ultimately depends on repeat customers, and the real money is on these people.

Brain platinum, people who don't eat will say we cheat, etc., but people who really eat feel that it is effective. That day, he can sleep well. That is the foundation of the product.Brain platinum has been sold for 13 years, and its sales are rising every year. It depends on good products, it is effective.For our game, the game is equivalent to the product of melatonin.

The skin packaging industry is no exception.Skin packaging products such as skin packaging machines, skin packaging films, and sarin films must have good quality in order to win the trust of buyers and have a long-term and broad market.

3. A good name can reduce a lot of labor.

Product names are often used in everyday conversations, so it's best to remember those abstruse words.

If a name is not easy to remember, it often takes dozens of times the advertising intensity to make others remember it. Although the name is not the only basis for a good product, it is the core link. Most of the names of all good products are well done.

Choosing a good name can reduce a lot of labor and pressure.The name of Brain Platinum is good, with both advantages and disadvantages.The name of Red K is also good.People cannot remember what is too popular, so naming is very important. We are very successful in naming.

There is only one word for marketing: consumers

The process of forming melatonin advertisements is just like this.

When I was in the early stages of launching Platinum, it was not officially sold, but on the basis of experimentation, I once took several people to the park to conduct field research.Some elderly people were chatting in the pavilion of the park.Because we had already sold Platinum in that city, I went to talk to them.We felt that if we wanted to sell Platinum, we couldn't talk to the elderly, but to his son or daughter.It was useless to tell the old lady.

In Chinese tradition, if you give gifts to the elderly, it is a kind of filial piety, which is another traditional virtue.So when we come back to discuss this position, we must say to the elderly and their sons and daughters, don't say too much, just say two words - "gifts".

The concept of "gift-giving" not only comes from conversations with elderly women, but also I feel that the entire process cannot be separated from the consumer.I have been emphasizing to company insiders that the best planning guide is the consumer.





5. The product form should serve the positioning

We also had a lot of trouble with the product formula. The earliest newspaper product was a capsule + capsule. The capsule was melatonin, and there were two capsules, one red and one white.Later, it was found that such a dosage form was not suitable for a gift during the approval process, as the product was small in size and light in weight.

The approved surprise modification was changed to a capsule + oral solution, with the aim of making the product slightly larger for the gift market.The first application was not approved, and the second application was not approved until the fourth application.

The first product that enters the consumer's sight is the product he wants to buy.

The first design is large, and the size of the gift is very large.

After the packaging design was completed, it was printed on a color printer, and two boxes were made.Then the planning department took the boxes to the terminal, to the pharmacy, where they were placed together with other drugs and health products, and then surveyed at the entrance of the product that consumers would first see.

What we saw initially was not our product, so we changed it. After several modifications, we found that more than half of the consumers who walked into the store took a look, and most of them said that this was our box.The box was only solved at that time.

For consumers, the first product that comes into their eyes is the one they want to buy.

How is the brain white gold placed in the terminal? It sets a principle that the brain white gold should be placed in the store with no less than 3 boxes, with a height of no less than 1.5 meters and no higher than 1.8 meters. The height of 1.5 meters cannot be seen, because many products are at a height of 1.5 to 1.7 meters.

7. Product pricing cannot be based solely on research

As for the price, the original price of capsule plus capsule was 18 yuan, but we immediately felt that the price of 18 yuan was too low, and eventually decided on 38 yuan. Later, it was changed to 38 yuan for oral liquid, as the cost increased after changing to oral liquid.

At that time, we conducted market research and found that the most acceptable prices were 38 yuan, 48 yuan, 58 yuan, 68 yuan, 78 yuan, and 88 yuan.It seems that pricing cannot be viewed solely based on survey results, and we should analyze the survey results.Finally, we discussed the fact that the price was too low, but felt that it was worthless.

Afterwards, it was set between 68 yuan and 88 yuan.Finally, 88 yuan was rejected.The reason is that we calculated the monthly input. If we want to keep it for a long time.Later, if it is 68 yuan, other families except laid-off workers can accept it.

8. Trial sales market cannot be too fast, and the national market cannot be too slow

To do a project, you must first conduct a trial sale.

We prefer to choose county-level cities in Zhejiang and Jiangsu. It is a county, but its wealth level is equivalent to that of a city and other cities in the country, and its consumption power can be equal to that of a city.It has an advantage, after all, it is a county-level city, and advertising costs are low, so we usually choose those places to try.

Generally, three different types of counties are selected for trial, and after collecting data every day, surveys are conducted every day. After three months, summaries are made, and then some judgments are made.




9. Unconditional execution

This plan has been completed and no changes are allowed.

First of all, everyone said that every market is different, and there are great differences between the south and the north. But we don't care about it. Even if we fail, we will still have the headquarters. Please share this article.

At that time, the important planning plan was the excerpt of the soft text and the book.As long as the book was in place and the price on the soft text was as required, the failure was also the responsibility of the headquarters.

The plan is to launch these four places as a national start-up plan in the future.

There is no TV in the plan, and the focus is on soft advertisements and book excerpts;there are also small things like push-pull and desktop POP, but nothing else.However, because the excerpts in this book are good, and because each software is carefully designed, it has been successful from the start, with no failures.

The channels of marketing promotion are still important for the skin packaging industry, and they should be chosen appropriately and covered as comprehensively as possible.

10. First newspapers, then TV

How do we allocate our advertising budget?

In the early days, there were more newspaper advertisements.Later, when the market opened up for our products, we focused mainly on TV advertising.The bulk of our advertising still comes from TV ads, followed by terminal promotions, which also include terminal promotions.

We had more newspaper advertisements in the early days because when a product is first launched, you have to tell consumers more about it.

In addition to the concept of "giving gifts", there is also the concept of "improving sleep".Why does it improve sleep, is there any side effects, what is its mechanism, and how does it regulate the intestines? These are different from the three types and perspectives.These are things you need to tell consumers that TV cannot do, but newspapers can, because you can say a lot of words on newspapers.

In the import market, we have three years to compete with TV and newspaper advertisements.Later, newspaper advertisements gradually weakened, and now, newspaper advertisements have basically stopped.

TV advertising may not be suitable for the skin packaging industry because the cost is too high.

The best advertisement is to sell products

Everything should be pragmatic. From the perspective of a company, if you can sell products, it is good advertising. If you can't sell products, it is not good advertising.Nowadays, there are too many advertisements.Every night, a person has to watch hundreds of advertisements.99% of advertisements can't be remembered.It's like playing white chess.The more beautiful the advertisement is, the less impression it will leave.

When we first started, about 15 years ago, there was an advertisement that only cost 50,000 yuan. Even the film was useless, it was shot with a digital machine, but the effect was very good.The old man was looking for a drama actor in his 60s and an old lady.The drama actor's facial expressions were very exaggerated, that is, "This year, if you don't receive a gift, you will receive a platinum." Finally, when he said, "He also received a brain platinum," he ran over and grabbed his brain platinum.He held it in his arms and twisted it twice.It was just particularly uncomfortable.

At that time, we were doing a trial broadcast in Suzhou, and for a while, many people wrote letters to Suzhou TV station, hoping they would stop broadcasting advertisements.Another boss said, how much did he pay you for the radio advertisement?After the advertisement was broadcast, sales increased.The reputation was very poor, but the sales volume was really good.

We said you hated it. We have to make a good one.Sometimes it's impractical to ask Jiang Kun and Dashan to shoot a commercial. Jiang Kun has a good image, but the production cost of that commercial is very high. It has been broadcast many times, but it won't sell goods after being broadcast.

12. Advertising is an investment in the brain of consumers

Advertising is most afraid of change, because when you change, you accumulate the previous loss.Therefore, after we confirmed that the advertisement said "There is no gift this year, but we have platinum in our brain", we spent 13 or 14 years.The advertising language basically hasn't changed.But we change it every year.Now you see, this advertisement has good effect.

In this advertisement, around the fifth year, when consumers think of "gifts", he and "Brain Platinum" unconsciously begin to draw equal signs.

Advertising is an investment.In the minds of consumers, it is an investment in their brains.

If the language of your advertisement changes, the language of your advertisement will change in one or two years, and the previous accumulation will be lost. Investing in the front is equivalent to a waste.

This is great and worthy of reference by the body packaging industry.

13. Advertise as much as possible with the least money

We particularly emphasize the discount of advertising costs.For local TV stations, we can reduce them to 3/5. This is not the industry's routine.We have talked about it.

We are very strict with the following managers.When our headquarters is developing a delivery strategy, they will study: how is this radio station, its popularity, and its ratings. Then our headquarters will approve a price. For example, this TV station only allows 1% of the magazine price.If you can't talk about it, we won't do it. If you don't, I will deduct your money and the local manager's money, so he will find a way to talk about it himself.If you can't talk about it all the time, I will eventually get a fine.The first year is a fine, and the second year I will get rid of him.So I'm not afraid of those who talk about advertising going out to get kickbacks.Sometimes our people have to pay for themselves and ask the advertising department of the TV station to eat and drink.

We pay $300 million for advertising every year, and the last advertising company estimated it to be $3.8 billion.Advertising costs $3 billion every year, because the team's execution has reached $300 million, and our profit margin will come out soon.

14. Cash on delivery to prevent bad debts

At its peak, this giant had 300 million bad debts, of which 200 million were due to mismanagement and 100 million were due to accidents.

That's why it's rotten, because we sell on credit, so we put it at a low point.Even if I do it small enough, all my products are cash on spot. You don't do it, but I'm cash on spot.At first it was hard, everyone said we couldn't do it, but we gritted our teeth and persisted. Finally we did it, so now all our companies are cash.Of course, we don't owe anyone money, all suppliers, we also give you cash, advertising fees we also give you cash, even if we pay you, but we don't owe anyone, others don't owe me.

In fact, it has entered a virtuous cycle. So you know the behavior of this enterprise. You want to do business with me. It is like this.Gradually, it was approved and it was done.Brain White has accumulated billions of dollars in sales, but no money account is in chaos.

This strategy on receiving payments is highly worthwhile for the skin packaging film industry to learn from.Cash transactions and maintaining a healthy cash flow are necessary to ensure the long-term normal flow of the company's funds, which is very beneficial for the company's development and growth.




15. Be fair in reward and punishment, and also be fair in evaluating the top ten and the bottom ten

For example, we have another problem in sales called "blushing".That is, originally I sold you this product in Zhejiang, and these products were printed with "Zhejiang area special sale".Not only the province, but also I subdivided into each city, for example, I was a special sale in Hangzhou and Jiaxing area, and each city had a special sale.If he sold his professional product to other places, we call it "blushing", which is equivalent to infringing the interests of other branches.

I also grade ten good flyers every year.He sells them elsewhere.I will give him a yellow flag.He is a flyer.This "expert" is indicated in quotation marks.This "expert" is too hasty, and I have punished him financially.You charge one million pounds to the next city, and I will give you one million pounds in sales. The headquarters will impose a one million pound fine on you.That's it. Just when the punishment is over, someone appears, and then I do this: every year, I rate the top ten "good flyers" as "good flyers" and raise a yellow flag, and then hang the yellow flag on the wall behind the manager's desk.We also need to check regularly to see if it has taken off, and if it has, punish him.

My company has an advantage: everything is on the table.For example, our company reviews the advanced every year.As long as the evaluation is advanced, I must also comment on the backward.We evaluate the top ten branches and the top ten branches of the city every year.As long as there are "ten best", there must be "ten differences".The "top ten" are listed on the red flag and make a speech.The "ten bad differences" also go up, take a yellow flag, make a speech, take the yellow flag, and pay a fine of 10 yuan.As long as this culture is established, everyone is accustomed to it.

The industry of body packaging film body packaging machine is worth learning for its clear punishment.




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