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Fengyuan vacuum skin packaging machine brand becomes a highlight in the market

Brand history of Fengyuan vacuum skin packaging machine

Mr. Tang Yuezhong, General Manager of Guangdong Fengyuan Packaging, learned from Mr. He Zongrong, Chairman of the Taiwan Packaging Industry Association in 1996, and accumulated rich experience in the skin packaging industry. In 2008, he founded Dongguan Fengyuan Packaging Products Factory in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, specializing in the development of semi-automatic/automatic vacuum skin packaging machines, vacuum skin packaging machines for seafood and fresh meat, PVC/PE/PET skin packaging films, frozen seafood and beef food skin packaging films, DuPont Sarin film, vacuum skin film, circuit board vacuum packaging machine, circuit board vacuum packaging film, skin tray, breathable cardboard, Sarin glue, etc. Fengyuan skin packaging machine has a brand history of more than 10 years. It has vigorously promoted its brand through major e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and Baidu in China, and through export platforms such as Alibaba and Google in foreign countries.It has formed a wide influence in the skin packaging industry at home and abroad.

Brand connotation and value of Fengyuan skin-contact vacuum packaging machine

Fengyuan: a well-known enterprise in Guangdong for skin packaging, creating aesthetic value for skin packaging.Using more than 10 years of vacuum skin packaging experience accumulated by Fengyuan, we tailor the ideal skin packaging solution for customers with professionalism and ingenuity, recommend suitable skin vacuum packaging machines and skin vacuum packaging films, enhance aesthetic value and create brand influence for customers' products, and bring greater product sales and profits to customers. Fengyuan Packaging takes this as its mission.

Brand Advantages of Fengyuan Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

Fengyuan vacuum skin packaging machine has a wide range of models, from the economical 390 skin packaging machine, the semi-automatic 5540 skin packaging machine, to the fully automatic high-speed vacuum skin packaging machine 5580H, customers have more choices.Fengyuan Packaging also develops and produces supporting skin packaging films, sarin skin packaging films, vacuum packaging films, breathable cardboard, skin glue, etc., forming a one-stop comprehensive skin packaging supply platform, greatly shortening the time for customers to choose skin packaging products, increasing the efficiency and convenience of customer selection.

Brand strength of Fengyuan vacuum skin packaging machine

Fengyuan Packaging is one of the honorary drafting units for the skin packaging section of the "Packaging Machinery Selection Guide".It is a licensed manufacturer of sarin film in China authorized by DuPont.Fengyuan Packaging's skin packaging machine and skin packaging film products have SGS, ROHS, FDA, CMA, CE and other certificates.It is a certified and powerful merchant in the skin packaging industry on Alibaba.Its skin packaging strength is eye-catching in the industry.

The penetration of Fengyuan vacuum skin packaging machine brands in various industries

The Fengyuan vacuum skin packaging machine has a high market share in various fields of industrial manufacturing, and enjoys excellent penetration and reputation.In the non-food field, including electronic components such as circuit boards and magnetic cores, automotive parts such as brake shoes, bearing shells, and automotive radiators, hardware tools, lighting, furniture hardware, decorative hardware, etc.


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In 10 years, China will become an innovative country in the world, and China's skin packaging industry will flourish

Finance represents the economic vitality of a country.According to a survey conducted by the People's Bank of China in the fourth quarter of 2018 on more than 3,000 bankers, 66.8% of bankers believe that the current macroeconomic situation is "normal".In the first quarter of 2019, the macroeconomic expectation index of bankers was 37.8%, which was 3.4 percentage points higher than that of this quarter. At this time, the global economy also experienced a turning point in liquidity and fiscal policies.Interest rate risk and exchange rate risk are the main types of risks in the current world economy, and the risk of fluctuations in the global financial market is expected to increase.Therefore, after a decade of prosperity and crisis and depression, we will face another decade of global economic and financial adjustment. It is expected that the global economy will continue to be "lightweight".For example, the proportion of services in emerging economies and Europe will continue to rise, while the overall economy of developed countries will continue to "reduce".As a result, the proportion of the world's service industry will increase and the proportion of manufacturing will decrease.By then, asset-light will become increasingly important.At the same time, there will be fewer investors willing to hold heavy assets, and investment will decline, making economic growth mainly driven by consumption. These factors are interrelated.This is a very noteworthy change in the global economic structure in the next decade.Products with skin-on packaging are mainly small commodities for supermarkets, cold meat such as steak and beef, seafood such as salmon and squid, and cooked food. It is a good positive factor for the skin-on packaging industry.

Fengyuan Packaging Notice of Spring Festival Holiday in 2019

On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new, all colleagues of the company express their heartfelt thanks to domestic and foreign merchants for their patronage and cooperation. The company's factory resumed normal operation during the Spring Festival holiday from January 29 to February 11, 2019 and February 12. Please arrange your orders before and after the holidays to ensure your normal production. Notice is hereby given.

What are the results of the plastic limit order in 10 years?And what are the implications for the skin packaging film industry?

What are the results of the plastic limit order for 10 years?And what are the implications for the skin packaging film industry?Since June 1, 2008, the national plastic limit order has been implemented and promoted, banning the production and sale of plastic shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0.025MM. Since then, all retail stores such as shopping centers and markets have adopted a system of disposable plastic shopping bags, and plastic shopping bags cannot be provided for free.In the past 10 years, supermarket shopping centers have implemented strict regulations, but some farms and roadside stores will provide free plastic bags.With the rise of the take-out and express delivery industry, the use of plastic bags is also increasing.What are the implications of the plastic limit order and the skin packaging film industry?How should the skin packaging film industry upgrade itself and make innovations in new materials, which is worthy of deep thought for skin packaging film practitioners.

The most comprehensive analysis of the technological innovation and improvement space of plastic packaging industry including skin packaging film

With the shrinking of the green packaging industry and the plastic market, in order to achieve better development in the future, various plastic packaging improvements must take into account green environmental factors in order to promote the sustainable and stable development of the plastic packaging industry (including the skin packaging film industry).Guangdong Fengyuan Packaging has made effective explorations in the technological innovation of skin packaging film.

Can food be sterilized by irradiation after skin packaging?

Today, a customer asked me, can food be sterilized by irradiation after vacuum skin packaging?After searching for relevant information on irradiation sterilization and combining the characteristics of vacuum skin packaging film for food, the Information Department of Fengyuan Skin Packaging Network concluded that salmon seafood, cold fresh meat, beef and other foods can be sterilized by irradiation after vacuum skin packaging, without any adverse effects on the skin packaging itself and the packaged food.