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Sarin resin film

Sarin resin film is made of imported surlyn reson, which has excellent skin packaging effect.

     Sarin resin film is made of imported surlyn reson, which has excellent skin packaging effect.

    More than 10 years of experience in developing sarin resin film , quality assurance, trustworthy


    Sarin resin film operation video:



    Advantages of Sarin resin film:
    1. Perfect extension and attachment performance

    2. Good low temperature thermoforming performance, which can greatly improve the packaging efficiency of stickers.

    3. High optical performance: equivalent to crystal transparency. After the product is packaged, the visual effect of the packaging is very good, and the eye appeal is also very high.

    4, superior low temperature resistance, grease resistance. Will not become brittle at low temperatures.

    6. High tensile strength and good puncture resistance. Vertical pins can also be perfectly packaged. The product has high protection performance.

    7. The paper card packaged with sarin film will not curl, and the product's personal packaging appearance will be more perfect.


    Sarin resin film body packaging technology (principle): transparent transparent sarin film (soaked sand film) is heated and softened appropriately, covering the product and the substrate. At the same time, the vacuum system of sarin membrane body packaging machine can realize vacuum suction under the substrate. Sarin film (sand film) and body-to-body packaging film are pasted according to the appearance of the product. Type B, stuck on the bottom plate (color card, corrugated cardboard or foam paper, etc.). After packaging, wrap the packaged product tightly between the sand film and the floor. It has the functions of commercial visual display packaging and industrial shock-proof packaging. The 3D effect of the product is good, and the visual display effect is good.


    Sarin resin film picture:

    Sarin resin film


     Sarin resin film


    Products suitable for Sarin resin film:
    hardware: hand tools, scissors, knives, hooks, screws, stainless steel products, furniture hardware, decorative hardware and other small hardware groups, locks, saw blades.


      Sarin resin film lock body packaging case:

     Sarin resin film lock body packaging


    Automobile and locomotive parts industry: brake discs, oil seals, clutch orders, engine waveforms, various gaskets, capacitors, wipers, clutch plates, keys, etc.


     Case of sarin resin film auto body fitting packaging:

    Sarin resin film auto body skin packaging


    Electronics industry: batteries, printed circuit boards, coils, magnetic cores, wires, beryllium copper alloys, transformers, magnets, plugs, sockets, and various electronic components.

    Household products: sanitary ware, kitchenware, tableware, light bulbs, garden appliances, bath appliances, wood, lighting components, buttons, sewing bags, etc.

Case of     sarin resin film bath appliance skin packaging:

    Sarin resin film bath appliance skin packaging


    Food industry: cold meat, steak, salmon, cod, shrimp, frozen beef, shrimp cake, seafood and aquatic products, cooked food, vegetables, pastries, sushi and other foods.

    Sarin resin film durian meat skin packaging case:

    Sarin resin durian body skin packaging


    Dongguan Fengyuan Packaging Manufacturer, as a professional Chinese manufacturer of sarin resin film , has been insisting on the development of sarin resin film for more than ten years, giving customers more and more flexible options in the use of personal vacuum packaging. Under the guidance of a professional sales consultant, choose a cost-effective sticker packaging machine box combination. Create greater economic benefits for customers.

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