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5540 Semi-automatic Circuit Board Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

Fengyuan 5540 Normally Heated Semi-Automatic Circuit Board Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine, CE Certification, Quality Assurance

Fengyuan 5540 Normally Heated Semi-Automatic Circuit Board Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine, CE Certification, Quality Assurance

[Analysis of excellent circuit board vacuum skin packaging case]


As can be seen from the circuit board packaging example above, after the packaging of the company's 5540 semi-automatic circuit vacuum skin packaging machine, the lines of the circuit board are clearly visible, the film is tightly attached to the surface of the circuit board, and the circuit board vacuum packaging film No wrinkles were left on the surface. The visual appearance display is excellent, and the vacuum tightening and vacuum anti-oxidation packaging are excellent. (The company also produces and supplies vacuum packaging films for circuit boards).

[Appearance of the machine]

[Scope of application] It is
widely used in vacuum skin protection packaging for double-sided, multi-layer, single-sided, rigid, copper-clad boards, flexible circuit boards, etc.


[The main advantages of vacuum skin packaging for circuit boards ]
1. Transparent packaging film materials are used on the board and up and down, and the whole body is packed with transparent film. The visual display effect is excellent, and it is easy to inspect and touch;
2. Full vacuum sealed packaging, moisture and oxidation resistance Very good;
3. A tight vacuum wrap of the entire circuit board is wrapped between the upper transparent circuit vacuum packaging film and the bottom transparent bubble bottom film, which can effectively prevent the circuit board from being scratched;
4. Any size box circuit board can be Packaging is extremely flexible and convenient.
5. The vacuum packaging film used can be added with antistatic agents to achieve the purpose of perfect antistatic protective packaging;


[Main specifications]
Effective packaging area: W55 * L40 * H18CM
Membrane frame height: Up to 19CM
Applicable film width: 609-615m / m (24 ")
Electric heating: 4.5KW
Vacuum pump: 2HP, Powerful vacuum pump
speed: 3-4 times / Min
Electric power: 220V, single phase, 50 / 60HZ
Mechanical size: L131 * W77 * H130CM


[Main mechanical performance characteristics] The
use of a mobile electric heating box, constant temperature heating, fast heating, improve the vacuum packaging efficiency of the circuit board;
Feeding and discharging method: Adopt the forward and forward type, convenient and flexible; The
feeding and discharging conveying adopts stainless steel reinforced rollers, circuit boards smooth out of material, labor-saving;
hot box with far infrared ceramic heating tube heated rapidly and uniformly, high packing efficiency;
using oilless vacuum, vacuum strong, noiseless, ensuring effect circuit packaging sheet vacuum paste;
high quality zero Accessories, stable and reliable performance, suitable for long-term PCB board industrial packaging use;
can cooperate with the assembly line operation to improve efficiency, suitable for medium and batch circuit board vacuum packaging;
other special specifications of packaging size, according to the actual size of the customer's circuit board And packaging speed requirements are customized.


[Model selection tips]
PV-390 economical instantaneous type: small packaging area, low power (average power consumption is less than 3KW), 220V / 380V optional, suitable for small batch or model single production;
PV-5540 semi-automatic constant heat Type: small packaging area, low power (4.5KW), 220V voltage, convenient feeding and discharging, suitable for small and medium batch circuit board production;
PV-4560 automatic direct heating type: medium packaging area, suitable for medium output packaging needs;
PV- 2012A-5580 automatic instantaneous type: large packaging area, instantaneous heating saves energy, convenient
input and output, labor-saving, suitable for medium and large-scale production; PV-2012A-55130 automatic instantaneous type: super long packaging area of ​​1.3 meters Can pack up to 1.2 meters of circuit boards, instant heating to save energy, convenient input and output, labor-saving, suitable for medium and large-scale production and ultra-long PCB board use;
PV-5580 automatic direct heating (luxury): large packaging area, often Thermal heating, heating speed is slightly faster, feeding and discharging is convenient and labor-saving;
PV-5580S automatic instantaneous heating (luxury): large packaging area, instantaneous heating, convenient for loading and discharging, labor-saving;
PV-5580H automatic high-speed disc return : Closed Link Transport, 5-6 aluminum block work simultaneously online use, minimize the manpower, suitable for high-volume production requirements.


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