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2012A-5580 Instantaneous Circuit Board Vacuum Packaging Machine

Fengyuan PV-2012A-5580 instant thermal circuit board vacuum packaging machine, easy to operate and convenient

Fengyuan PV-2012A-5580 instant thermal circuit board vacuum packaging machine, easy to operate and convenient

[Principle of operation]
Place the circuit board stack on the transparent PE bubble film, and then push the working board together with the working aluminum plate into the vacuum chamber of the circuit board vacuum packaging machine. The heating system automatically starts and heats the circuit board vacuum packaging film to reach the softening point. Then, the vacuum system is automatically started to evacuate under the bottom film of the bubble. Then, the upper transparent vacuum packaging film will be tightly adsorbed on the surface of the circuit board stack and the bubble film, and the air inside will be completely evacuated and reach a vacuum state. As a result, the circuit board stack is tightly fixed between the upper PE vacuum packaging film and the lower bubble film, which plays a role of tightly fixing anti-friction and vacuum anti-oxidation. (The company's supporting production and supply: high-quality circuit board vacuum packaging film)


[Main specifications]
Effective packaging area: L800 * W550 * H180m / m;
film width: 609 ~ 615m / m (24 ");
film frame height: up to 23CM
electric heating: 10KW, instantaneous (actual average power consumption) Electricity is less than 5KW)
Vacuum pump: 3PH
Speed: 3-4 times / minute
Electricity: 380V 3PH 50 / 60HZ;
Mechanical size: L175 * W95 * H145CM; Package size: L160 X W110 X H155CM
Machine weight: 380KGS


[Main performance characteristics]
1. The working aluminum plate is pushed and pulled out on the roller by the working aluminum plate. The feeding and discharging is quiet, stable, smooth and labor-saving.
2. Feeding and discharging methods: there are two types of left-in, right-out and right-in and right-out.
3. All mechanical transmission design, no air compressor is required to provide air source.
4. Equipped with a photoelectric sensor device, when the vacuum packaging film is heated and softened and sags to a certain position, the film frame will automatically lower the pneumatic vacuum system. The packaging machine has the problem of unstable packaging quality due to poor control of heating time.
5. Special instantaneous glass electric heating tubes are arranged for uniform heating; fixed electric heating box and instantaneous heating mode save energy and have a small impact on the ambient temperature, which is beneficial to improving the working environment of workers.
6. Adopting powerful oil-free vacuum pump, the vacuum is strong, quiet and noiseless, suitable for long-term production.
7. With high-quality spare parts, stable and reliable performance, suitable for long-term packaging operations.
8. It can cooperate with assembly line operation to improve efficiency, suitable for medium and large-scale production.
9. Other standard specifications are: 55X 65 CM, 55 X 120CM, 55 X 130 CM (operating area)
10. Other special sizes can be customized according to customer's specific requirements


[Model selection tips]
PV-390 economical instantaneous type: small packaging area, low power (average power consumption is less than 3KW), 220V / 380V optional, suitable for small batch or model single production;
PV-5540 semi-automatic constant heat Type: small packaging area, low power (4.5KW), 220V voltage, convenient feeding and discharging, suitable for small and medium batch circuit board production;
PV-4560 automatic direct heating type: medium packaging area, suitable for medium output packaging needs;
PV- 2012A-5580 automatic instantaneous type: large packaging area, instantaneous heating saves energy, convenient
input and output, labor-saving, suitable for medium and large-scale production; PV-2012A-55130 automatic instantaneous type: super long packaging area of ​​1.3 meters Can pack up to 1.2 meters of circuit boards, instant heating to save energy, convenient input and output, labor-saving, suitable for medium and large-scale production and ultra-long PCB board use;
PV-5580 automatic direct heating (luxury): large packaging area, often Thermal heating, heating speed is slightly faster, feeding and discharging is convenient and labor-saving;
PV-5580S automatic instantaneous heating (luxury): large packaging area, instantaneous heating, convenient for loading and discharging, labor-saving;
PV-5580H automatic high-speed disc return : Closed Link Transport, 5-6 aluminum block work simultaneously online use, minimize the manpower, suitable for high-volume production requirements.


Dongguan Zhongtang Fengyuan Packaging Products Factory has been devoted to the development of vacuum packaging machines for circuit boards for more than 10 years. The machine has passed CE certification, reliable quality, and considerate after-sales service. Welcome customers at home and abroad to call us and negotiate with us. If you need to know more about 2012A -5580 Instantaneous circuit board vacuum packaging machine, please call the national free consultation hotline : 400-889-6006, enterprise QQ: 2850670788, website: www.skinpack-cn.com



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