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Medical supplies skin packaging film

Fengyuan brand skin care packaging film packaging case show:

Fengyuan brand skin care packaging film packaging case show:


Medical supplies skin packaging film packaging case picture Picture of skin packaging for medical products


The core advantages of Fengyuan Medical Packaging Skin Packaging Film:
Advantage 1: The color of the film is red, green, blue, purple, etc., and other colors can be customized to increase the visual appeal of the product;
Advantage 2: The thermoformed extension film Excellent adhesion, fully conforming to the product's appearance, and the packaged product has a sculptural three-dimensional display effect;
Advantage 3: Vacuum sealed packaging, good barrier properties, can effectively prevent oxidation, dust, and moisture resistance for medical products Can be pasteurized, which can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria;
Advantage 4: The film fully meets the FDA food and drug packaging safety requirements;
Advantage 5: The width and thickness of the packaging film can be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

This product is mainly applicable
to medical tools such as surgical knives, syringes, surgical magnets, surgical gadgets, and surgical lenses.

Medical products skin packaging process:

Place the packaged medical supplies (medical products) on a special bottom plate (cardboard, bubble film, sponge pad, or plastic tray), so that the medical products covering the product's body packaging film (body film) are vacuum-sealed Under the action of heating and vacuuming, the plastic packaging machine is closely attached to the surface of the product and sealed with the bottom plate. The skin-packed products are not only well-protected, but also show their natural form and appearance, giving the product a sculptural visual effect.

Picture of Fengyuan vacuum packaging film for medical supplies:

Medical and medical supplies skin packaging film pictures Picture of vacuum packaging film for medical products

The company is the most professional one-stop supplier of skin packaging in China. The products cover skin packaging films for medical supplies, sarin skin packaging films, skin vacuum packaging machines, and skin accessories such as breathable cardboard, sand Lin glue and so on. Please make the appropriate choice according to your medical products, in order to reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve skin packaging effects, and sell products to create profits as the ultimate goal. If you need our company to help you make the right choice, please call our sales line 400-889-6006 immediately, and sincerely look forward to your honorable call.

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