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5580H Automatic Feeding and Feeding High-speed Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

Labor costs continue to rise, and today's younger workers are becoming more and more expensive, and profit margins are constantly being squeezed ...

Labor costs continue to rise, and today's younger workers are becoming more and more expensive, and profit margins are constantly being squeezed ...

How should the majority of manufacturing companies respond?



The improvement of the automation level of manufacturing (packaging) equipment will be an effective countermeasure.


Core advantages of automatic high-speed tray-back vacuum skin packaging machine PV-5580H:


Advantage 1: using out-feed conveyor pan back mode, automatic feed left, right automatic discharge, while allowing 5-6 working aluminum pan work, can greatly enhance packaging efficiency
advantage 2: access to materials and mechanical hand push Driven by the electric drum, the feeding and discharging are stable and smooth.
Advantage 3: The upper pressure box automatically opens, and the adhesive film is automatically closed after the material is discharged, which has high efficiency.
Advantage 4: The instantaneous heat generation method saves energy and does not affect the operating environment temperature;
Advantage 5: Fixed hot box, Adopt special arrangement of high electric heating tubes to make the heated material evenly heated.
Advantage 6: Equipped with thermal insulation guide box and hot box safety net plate, hot knife protection net, etc., with high safety.
Advantage 7: The special movable film pressing frame device is safe and reliable.
Advantage 8: The roller of the film seat can be adjusted to prevent the film from loosening.
Advantage 9: No need for air pressure, strong vacuum with TURBO, high stability, suitable for long-term use.


5580H Automatic Feeding and Feeding High-speed Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine Schematic Plan / FLAT LAYOUT:

Full-automatic high-speed back tray vacuum skin packaging machine PV-5580H operating procedures / OPERATION PROCEDURES:

First, turn on the power
Second, set the heating and vacuum time, and run the machine without the film to preheat 2-3 times.
Third, rotate the manual / automatic selection button to the manual position, open the upper film frame, and install the film on the top and bottom. Clamp between the film frames.
4. Rotate the manual / automatic selection button to the “Auto” position.
5. Press the start button. The film frame will clamp the skin-packing film and automatically rise to the waiting position. Wait for heating.
6. Load the paper card. And the working aluminum plate of the product is placed in front of the feeding conveyor (4), and it will be automatically forwarded.
7. When the working aluminum plate reaches the area (2), the feeding pusher will automatically push the aluminum plate to the vacuum packaging area (1)
. After the working aluminum plate is positioned in the vacuum packaging area, the heating box will automatically start heating (while the puller (3) has been advanced to the right side of the vacuum chamber to stand by)
9. When the heating time is up, the heating box heating tube will automatically turn off the heating and press The frame (adhesive film) is lowered to make vacuum skin-packing.
10. After the skin-packing, the upper pressing frame is automatically opened, and the drawing machine pulls the aluminum plate forward. When the upper pressing frame is closed, the film is melted and cut off. after the film stayed up to the apex waiting
eleven, aluminum After drawn out from the feed conveyor (3) is automatically conveyed to the aluminum plate opposite the feed zone (5)
twelve, workers remove the finished product, and then placed on the substrate and product is pushed onto the aluminum plate (4) regions, for Another packaging (repeat steps 6 to 12)

Typical packaging case: (For more cases, please enter the application case center)

Circuit board, magnetic core / PCB, Ferrite Cores Saw Blade, Saw Blade, Mining Plate
Brake Shoe, Auto Parts, etc. Drill, Hand Tool Small Hardware


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