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PE body packaging film (body film)

From the selection of raw materials, the control of process parameters, the control of width and thickness, the rewinding of finished products, and the shipment of protective packaging, the details show the focus and ingenuity of Fengyuan people:

From the selection of raw materials, the control of process parameters, the control of width and thickness, the rewinding of finished products, and the shipment of protective packaging, the details show the focus and ingenuity of Fengyuan people:


Selection of raw materials Wrinkle-free surface The coiled side is neat like a knife


Dongguan Fengyuan Packaging's PE skin packaging film (PE skin film), the ingredients are very particular. From dozens of imported material grades, carefully selected material grades with excellent performance, and after repeated testing by technical staff, Ideal manufacturing formula. The PE skin packaging film (PE skin film) produced by this formula has high transparency, good elongation at break, high tensile strength, and excellent skin packaging performance. It is a leader among similar products and is therefore favored by customers.

The main core advantages of PE skin packaging film (PE skin film):

Advantage 1: High transparency, good visual display of the product.
Advantage 2: Relative to PVC body film, this film has good thermoforming extensibility and good body effect.
Advantage 3: Using high-strength imported materials, this film has excellent toughness and product protection.
Advantages of high performance 4: Low temperature resistance, low temperature environment will not be brittle, continuous protection of product
advantages 5: Environmental protection and non-toxic, comply with FDA, ROHS environmental protection
advantages 6: Material costs are relatively low, packaging cost advantages are quite obvious
7: PE viscous paste membrane can be specified: no sticky, low viscosity and standard viscosity, high viscosity, can be selected according to the actual product packaging requirements
advantages 8: You can specify the color of PE film paste, so that the packaged product is more visually recognized feature
advantage 9: For electronic products, PE body film can provide anti-static function options


Fully subdivide the function of PE skin-packing film, and take care of various product skin-packing throughout the process:

With more than 20 years of manufacturing technology, this factory can provide personalized and functionally differentiated PE skin packaging film products according to customers' product attributes and skin packaging requirements, to help customers achieve excellent skin packaging Effect and lower input cost. Specific functional breakdown examples are as follows:

1. The packaged product is more sensitive to the stickiness of the body film, that is, the film may stick to the surface of the product to affect the appearance or quality of the product, or the film is more tightly adhered to the surface of the product, which makes it difficult to unpack. In response to this problem, we have introduced low-viscosity or completely non-viscous products. With the glue-fitted professional skin-packing breathable paper card, this problem is solved.
2. Some packaged products have very high viscosity requirements on the PE skin-packing film, which requires a very high degree of adhesion between the film and the cardboard. This is often a large or heavy product that requires high protection. Our high-viscosity PE skin-packaging film just meets this special demand.
3. Some customers pay special attention to protecting their trademarks and brand images, so they are required to print their own logo on the PE body film. This is the PE skin packaging film with printing launched by Fengyuan Packaging. The products packaged by this film can effectively erect and strengthen the brand's image and strength, make their own product brands popular among consumers, and continue to strengthen the brand's influence.
4. Some of the packaged products are irregular in shape, and ordinary PE skin-packaging film is used. Under strong vacuum suction, the film is easy to suck the film, which causes the aesthetic appearance of the skin-packed product to be greatly reduced. Dongguan Fengyuan Packaging has launched a high tensile strength PE body film, which can effectively combat this problem and achieve the perfect effect of plastic body packaging.
5. The addition of special functional additives can make PE skin packaging have special functions such as anti-static and UV protection.
6. We can add customers' favorite colors to the PE skin film, so that the packaged product has more packaging functions. And glamour look. At present, the standard colors are pink, red, green, blue, etc. Other colors can be produced according to the customer's model or programmed number.
Dongguan Fengyuan Packaging has nearly 20 years of professional manufacturing experience in PE skin packaging film (PE skin film), senior technicians, advanced equipment, strict quality control system, and comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales system. Large-scale mass production, prompt delivery, low price, and experienced sales experts are ready to analyze and answer technical problems in skin packaging at any time, and provide you with a one-stop solution for skin packaging. Please call the National Unified Sales Hotline: 400-889-6006 and look forward to your distinguished call.

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