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9090 ultra-large area circuit board vacuum packaging machine

High-performance Fengyuan brand automatic ultra-large area circuit board vacuum packaging machine PV-90 Fengyuan has more than 10 years of professional experience in vacuum packaging of circuit boards, CE certification, your smart choice

High-performance Fengyuan brand automatic ultra-large area circuit board vacuum packaging machine PV-9090:


                      Fengyuan has more than 10 years of professional experience in vacuum packaging of circuit boards, CE certification, your smart choice


Dongguan Zhongtang Fengyuan Packaging Products Factory has been focusing on the manufacture and research and development of high-quality circuit board vacuum packaging machines for more than 10 years . The product series include: economical, semi-automatic, automatic , fully automatic, and non-standard customized circuit board vacuum packaging machines . . Using high-quality machine parts and components, each manufacturing process is strictly controlled, and after more than 10 years of continuous technical updates and upgrades, it fully meets the needs of customers in various industries. Our products have been affirmed and widely used by our customers, have helped customers to achieve product packaging upgrades and maximize packaging value, and have established a good reputation and reputation in the domestic and foreign markets, which is worth your trust.


Due to its influence in the skin-packing industry, the company was fortunate to be invited to be one of the drafting units for the body-pack vacuum packaging section of the "Guide to the Selection of Packaging Machinery" published by Machinery Industry Press .

Fengyuan Skin Packaging Machine

Operation process of automatic body-fit vacuum packaging machine:

The transparent body-packed vacuum packaging film is appropriately heated and softened to cover the product and the bottom plate. At the same time, the vacuum suction is enabled under the bottom plate of the body-fitted vacuum packaging machine. Paper cards, corrugated cardboard or bubble cloth, etc.). After packaging, the product is tightly wrapped between the vacuum packaging film and the bottom plate, which is used for commercial elevator visual display packaging or industrial shock protection packaging.

Application areas:
hardware products (furniture hardware, decorative hardware, etc.), measuring tools (drills, saw blades, etc.), auto / motorcycle accessories (such as brake pads, water tank radiators, etc.), sports equipment / furniture accessories, stationery, electronic parts (Such as circuit boards, magnetic cores, small transformers, copper for electronics, etc.), toys, pneumatic / hydraulic accessories, crafts, ceramics / glass products, etc.


990 super-large area vacuum packaging machine picture (model: PV-9090)

Skinny Vacuum Packaging Machine 9090

9090 ultra-large area circuit board body vacuum packaging machine specifications:

Operating area: W900 * L900 * H180MM

Film width: 980-990m / m  

Film frame height: up to 23CM

Applicable packaging materials: skin packaging film, sarin film, circuit board vacuum packaging film

Electric heating: 28KW

Vacuum pump: 5HP

Speed: 2-3 times / minute

Power: 380V, three-phase, 50 / 60HZ

MACHINE SIZE: L311 * W120 * H140CM


Features of automatic ultra-large area circuit board vacuum packaging machine:

1. Feeding and discharging method: right-in and right-out.

2. It adopts hot box fixed type, which is instantaneous heating type, which can heat quickly and have high packing efficiency.

3. The special arrangement of the instantaneous glass electric heating tube ensures uniform heating to ensure a good skin packaging effect.

4. The hot box and hot cutter are equipped with a protective cover for high safety.

5.The   feeding and discharging conveying adopts stainless steel reinforced roller, which makes the working aluminum plate feeding and discharging quiet, stable, smooth and labor-saving.

7. It is   especially suitable for medium- and large-volume production. It can cooperate with assembly line operations to improve the efficiency of packaging operations.

9, using a powerful oil-free vacuum pump, strong vacuum, quiet and noise-free, suitable for long-term production.

10. The main parts are imported from Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. The machine performance is stable and durable.

11. Other standard specifications are: 600 X 800, 700 X 1000, 900 X 1100mm, etc.

12, other special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.


Under what circumstances should you choose 9090 ultra-large area circuit board vacuum packaging machine?

1. The output requirement of packaging is medium or large.

2. It is mainly used in factories.

3. This machine is instantaneous heating, which has no effect on the temperature of the production environment.

3. High requirements for output and automation, hoping to effectively improve packaging efficiency, hoping to pack more products with fewer people.

4. There are relatively high requirements for the effect and speed of skin packaging.

5. It is mainly applicable to large-scale products such as packaging circuit boards, automobile radiators, lighting, beryllium copper alloy coils, etc., and the output requirements are relatively high. It is recommended to use this type of machine.


Fengyuan brand vacuum packaging machine specifications list  (warm reminder: if PV-9090 can not meet your needs, please refer to other models and enter the relevant page)



(Economical / Instantaneous)


(Semi-automatic / Normally heated)


(Automatic / direct heating)


(Automatic / Constant temperature)


   (Automatic / Instantaneous)

Packing area

L54 * W39 * H14CM


L60 * W45 *H18CM


L90 * W 90 * H18CM

Film width

450-460m / m (18 ")





Film frame height

   Max    19CM

  Max  19CM

 Max. 23CM

Max  23CM

  Max 23CM







Vacuum pump







1-3cycle / min

2-4cycle / min

2-4cycle / min

3-4cycle / min

3-4ycle / min

electric power

380V, 3PH,50/60HZ





Mechanical Dimensions


L131 * W77 * H130CM



L275 * W153 * H164CM



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